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  1. I am Jacob Franklin, I am a Prayer Warrior, youth Minister and Board Certified Pediatric Gynecologist with SMN Ministries. I am here with countless others to to discuss issues involving Masturbation with you. Please feel free to ask questions. It’s OK I’m a youth Minister.

  2. Well I caught my son masturbating again. I apologised for walking in on him, he started to cry because the Christian kids he hung out with would shun him if they found out. I told him that it was okay and if needed, I would kick those kids’ asses if they ever do that to my boy. And lasting, I told him ” hey, at least we’re not Mormon.” We laughed and both got ice cream. The moral of this is; Mormons are cultists and to be agnostic.

  3. Would really like your advise, struggling with this habit for more than 16 years, must break it today, forever, 17th May 2016 is the last day I will play with my sin stick, despite have the cravings so strong after strong memories of my 13 year old self, as well as imagining the pleasure of humping- please save my soul- I can give you a detailed report!

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