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Lonnie Childs Proudly Opens “The Tempura Center For Women.”

Safford, Arizona: Local philanthropist and leader of SMN Ministries, Lonnie Childs, has finished construction of The Tempura Center for Women.

SMN spokesman, August Weitz, spoke on behalf of Lonnie Childs when addressing the press today. “All too often, Masturbation takes the form of Rage and Violence, known to all of us as: MasturRage. This is similar to Roid-Rage, where too much free-roaming testosterone is present in the body, due to chronic masturbation.” Mr. Weitz went on to say, “Unfortunately, MasturRage adversely affects those who are closest to the Masturbator, usually women and children. We built this place to be a place of sin-free healing and security, far from the reach of the victim’s abuser.”

The Tempura Center will provide food and shelter for victims, as well as offer grief counseling, self-defense classes and masturbation avoidance workshops. Unlike the current facility in Safford that treats battered women, The Tempura Center will focus on lightly-battered women.

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6 years ago

If a lesser gendered is insolent towards her superior SRAS, she deserves to be battered. How else will she learn.

Nikita Shalavin
6 years ago

If you, or someone you know is hurting children with masturbation, please contact Tempura staff at (888) 276-6760