Lonnie Childs: “Slavery Was a Giant Mistake”

(StopMasturbationNow)—Leader Lonnie Childs finished his speaking tour of the east coast last Thursday with a speech to hundreds of eager listeners in Bangor, Maine. As is typical for his final stop, Lonnie took some extra time to reflect on the trip to those in the audience.

“Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to lay flowers on the site where Martin Luther King Jr was Assassinated.  I got to see people living in poverty in the south.  Black History month makes you think, it really does.” Lonnie spoke to a captive audience. “I have come to the realization that slavery has left a giant scar on our country, one which we may never recover from. If I could go back in time I would prevent slavery.  I would personally send those slave ships right back where they came from.” Lonnie proclaimed to thunderous applause ”Stop the problem before it started.”

images“Let us compare two states. Georgia and Maine. Georgia was a slave state, full of slavery and slaves. Maine did not have slaves, in fact Maine fought against slavery. Well look at them now. Georgia is the 5th worst state for having your automobile stolen and top 10 for murder. Maine, well Maine is second least likely state to get your car stolen and least likely state to be a victim of a violent crime.”

“Maine is 95.2% Caucasian, vs only 62.5% in Georgia. Had Georgia been a non-slave state its criminal element would be much much smaller. And this is not only limited to States but to Countries also. Countries like Canada, Austria, Iceland and Denmark never took part in slavery and now have much lower rates of crime. It is truly amazing how something so innocent really can come back and bite you like this.”


“Plymouth Rock wanted nothing to do with these people.”

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    • Think of this. Back then Litteraly Every one had slaves and before that there were slaves throughout history there has been slaves there STILL ARE slaves today. even in America there are slaves today. Yes it is a bad idea today but back then you were criticized if you had no slave.

  1. How could you only focus on the issues it BROUGHT to this country? How can you not understand that this is nothing compared to the pain and suffering of HUMAN BEINGS that were slaves? I really want to see deeper research on crime rates and whether or not a state was a “slave” state.
    EX: You have issues up in Chicago and Detroit with crime, but they are not in “slave states”, so to speak.

    How well thought-out was this article? And how can you say you are preaching for The Lord when you are casting aside the fact that his creations, his people, were suffering?

    Sure, I’m Christian, but this website is really an abomination. Things like this site is what deters young people from staying true to their faith- they wander away from Christianity, or decide to never get involved in the religion.

    As the bible says, God forgives everyone that asks for forgiveness- even these so-called “Masturbators”.

    These articles have no real factual evidence, and just exacerbates a growing issue- the rise of agnosticism and atheism due to the deterring factor over-judgment by people that have no license by God to judge them.

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