Surprise Sex: The Cure for an Unmotivated Spouse

Everyone loves surprises!

Thoughtful husband watching for his same-race wife to arrive home for some romance

The leading cause of masturbation among men is lack of sex. The leading cause of female masturbation is also lack of sex. What is the solution? Answer: more procreation with your same-race spouse.

Unfortunately, many spouses become unmotivated for sex at the exact moment that their spouse is. This creates conflict, insecurities, frustrations, and anger. The solution for many couples is to keep things exciting. Some men and women surprise their spouse with flowers or candy. Why not surprise him or her with sex? You could turn on some adult scene from a site like and others and get things steamy.

Here is what to do:

  • Find a time that is appropriate for sex (no children around)
  • Make yourself ready for sex (erection or other)
  • Find a nice place to hide, close to your place of consummation
  • Wait for your spouse
  • Once your spouse appears in the vicinity, Jump out from behind your hiding place, yell “Surprise†and have sex with him/her
Women are also encouraged to practice Surprise Sex.
Women are also encouraged to practice Surprise Sex.

There you have it! It’s as simple as that. You will often hear your spouse become overjoyed and not fully believe that Surprise Sex is happening. Sometimes they might enjoy Free sex and hard porn, only at sexfreehd xxx to get the gears going but that doesn’t work for everyone. They may say “Oh, no!†and they may wonder who this new assertive spouse is and ask “Who are you?†However your spouse expresses their appreciation, just remember that sex is a two way street and the two of you need to work together to ensure that the husband has an orgasm. If you’re looking for different or odd ways to engage in surprise sex, we’re sure you could find material to inspire you over on sites like tube videos hd Check This Out.

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