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54 Comments on MEMERS

  1. PRAISE all of our holy memers! The greatest thing about FaithFacts™ is that they cannot be refuted. Suck it, sinners!

    Pray For (22)
    Pray Against (69)
  2. Thank you for the laughs Lonnie. See you at the circle jerk later. You stroke my sin stick and I'll stroke Milton's. Try to get the rest of the fellas on board and we'll rub each other's sin sticks and avoid self raping ourselves. Is cathy REDMOUND going to clean up again? And is truffle going to fluff us all back to life so we can explore each other's sin caves? Oh, and did Lemmy (liam) get his hat back from the cleaners? And did all of the semen stains come out? Poor guy can't play RUMP RANGER without his hat...

    Pray For (67)
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  3. you see i have a small dick, this is one of the reasons i dont masturbate its also why i support this website and donated €100 to this cause

    Pray For (19)
    Pray Against (33)
  4. I am convinced you really have a problem....... How did the Human race get passed the Cave Man stage with sickos like Lonnie around......

    Pray For (19)
    Pray Against (4)
  5. Memes?Really?What made you think that it's okay to put this kind of unholy filth on a website like this???If I had to describe what sinning means i'd say memes.These are even more digusting and disturbing than masturbation itself.I'm vey dissapointed and will only return to this site after these horrid images get removed.Thank you very much.bye

    Pray For (14)
    Pray Against (29)
  6. Don`t worry. Every time I masturbate I use each individual sperm to create an embryo, I get millions of them. Works out because I can sell them on the black market for food. Thanks.

    Pray For (41)
    Pray Against (1)
  7. instead of facing masturbation alone i will invite my girlfriend over to make it some gay sex instead

    Pray For (41)
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  8. Hahahaha
    Thanks. I had lots of fun going through all that.
    I have never read greater bullshit than that. And I mastrubated while reading your scientific content. How u like that?

    You even quote wrong people. Like "Al Pacino", who is actually Robert DeNiro. But who cares, right.

    Many quotes are sarcastic. Like George Carlins. He encourages mastrubation. But you stupid peace of CUM do not get it, huh.

    But honestly, thanks. I have been entertained like never before.

    Now time to fap.

    Pray For (22)
    Pray Against (6)
  9. Hey Fappy (I just call you Fappy, ok?),

    I am a lost soul, wanting hard to jerk off. But after all that content you exposed here, I am kind of unsure. Dont want my dick to fall off and rot in hell, you know. Fuck that, man!

    I mean, I don't believe any of that shit, but who the fuck knows, right?
    I just make sure and buy me one of these motherfuckers:

    With that gear, I should be cool with Jesus and his whole gang, right?

    I mean, witth that device, I don't touch my dick anymore. The machine faps for me. Fuck it, let the machine rot in hell later. Don't care, its a damn robot.

    Please let me know if you still have any concerns.
    If the robot thing will not save my soul, I gotta look for other options not to mastrubate.
    Maybe rape a bitch or so.

    Tnaks a lot and God belss you!

    Lord Fapalot

    Pray For (28)
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  10. Lonnie, I haven't' aughed so hrd in a long time. Thank you SO much for your twisted sense of humor. Knowing full well that no one could be so stupid as to believe you are for real made it all the more funny. Thanks again! Your friend in stiffies,
    Smokin Jim

    Pray For (12)
    Pray Against (5)
  11. I like how overtly racist the comics are at the same time as they are trying to make themselves look "better" by not masturbating. Stay classy christians

    Pray For (15)
    Pray Against (2)
  12. The funny thing about this is that all of the quotes on this website are false. Isn't lying a sin? If so, you just bought yourself a one way ticket to hell, my friend.

    Pray For (19)
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  13. Greetings! Although I'm new to this website, I can see that you're doing great work here and me and my family sure do appreciate it 🙂

    Just wanted to contribute a little educational video that the wife and I showed our sons when Satan tempted them with the pleasures of self-rape and bodily sin !!! Thought it might be helpful for some of the other struggling youngsters out there 🙂

    Praise the saint Lonnie Childs and this website, Amen !!!

    - Hugh Jerection

    Pray For (10)
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  14. Thank you for opening my eyes. I appreciate all the bullshit I just read 🙂 Stay gay folks :*

    Pray For (9)
    Pray Against (0)
  15. I never heard about masturbation before but your site made me curious so I tried it and it's the best!

    Pray For (10)
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  16. I wasn't even jerking off and I cummed to this, this is some of the best material I have ever worked with.

    Pray For (4)
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  17. 1 pray = 1 prayer for lonnie's recovery from his severe head trauma as a child. He never got proper treatment due to 'faith healing'.

    Pray For (5)
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  18. Hi, my is Ben, and i have experienced the most traumatic sin i could ever see happen to the women i love. Masturbation. I was driving home home from work listening to the gospel radio and some dr. phil commentaries, and i walk into my apartment to see my girlfriend sprawled on the kitchen counter shoving the cucumber that i was going to have for my salad tonight. i was so befuddled from this traumatic event that I bought my girlfriend a pair of spike gloves that she is unable to take off until i give her a key for her to take it off. Now my girlfriend will learn the ways of the lord and not fondle her sinful cave anymore. It's time that you too buy your girl some spike gloves to protect yourself from the dangers of fucking a masturbation addict.

    Pray For (0)
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  19. most people get on their knees and put their hands together to pray, but hugh jassel will tell you that those knees are meant to be on the ground and those hands were meant for one thing

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