New Big Masturbation Sin Device (Video!)

Horrifying Masturbation Device

B.L.U.F.F. — Big Masturbation has released a horrifying new masturbation device in the guise of exercise equipment. Please protect your children by reporting and picketing the stores that are selling this device.


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13 Comments on New Big Masturbation Sin Device (Video!)

  1. I cannot watch due to my religion, but, it’s a Faith Fact on this netsite so I know it’s proven. Those Big Masturbation scumbags never fail to completely disgust me.

    • ‘I cannot watch due to my religion’—this is exactly what is wrong with religious people…you seem to know everything but ignore any empirical evidence proving you wrong…This video is obviously a fake advert with intentions to amuse people and the product has nevet hit the market…By the way, what exactly is wrong with masturbation??

    • y’all… im bouta sin right now w a spatula… gonna put it up my vaj ya kno… what if god see’s me?-???1?1? will he punish me ?? i’m realy offends haha 🙁

  2. I am not allowed to view to this video nasty being a lesser-gendered an all, but the picture is graphic enough to cause nausea and hysteria within me. I will be laying in the foetal position in a darkened room for several days now.

    • you realize that the video is a fake advert right? Hence the…well laughing of the audience maybe? How can you have an opinion on that matter if you do not know what is going on at all??

  3. Ummm first this video was intended as a satire piece, I googled it multiple times just to seem if such thing existed. Guess what it didn’t but what I did find out was it was a comical skit prop in Saturday night live. Most of everything on this website that is being deemed as sinful isn’t it takes one narrow minded individual to ruin comedy and normal things that doctors have even agreed with as being apart of the normal development evolution or males and many females. Masturbation isn’t sinful studies even show that babies still in utero touch themselves. My honest opinion is if it’s not broken don’t fix it. And here is a real question for everyone while I’m at it, is it better to jack off in the privacy of your home and clean u any mess or actually rape or have sex with someone and risk disease or unite noted pregnancy ?

  4. I watched this video several items to actually see what was so “bad” about it, if you turn up the volume and listen you can hear the audience in the background laughing. What next are you people going to come up with as sinful? Lusting after a video game when the player consistently wants to run over a hooker or murder countless people in a simulated environment?

  5. I can’t believe how few people realize this entire website is a joke, and a hilarious one at that.

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