Bill Gates Donates $1 Million To Gun Control; $2 Million To Tina’s Law

Computer Guy, Bill Gates

American Billionaire and sometimes computer whiz kid, Bill Gates, shocked second amendment advocates when he donated $1 million (SMD) to a Washington State campaign to expand background checks on gun sales. The Gates family’s disturbing anti-Bill of Rights donation was negated moments later when Gates donated $2 million (USD) to a committee to get Tina’s Law passed in Washington State.

Tina’s Law, as our staff writer Carlos Danger explains, “makes masturbation illegal and sets up a ‘Council of Morality’ appointed by Brother Lonnie to enforce the new legislature and to punish masturbators, their allies and enablers. Punishment includes community service, fines, electrocution to the genitals, removal of hands and death.”

Tina’s Law, named after popular music singer Tina Turner, passed in late July in South Dakota. Insiders say that Gates’s donation should push things over the top in Washington State and give supporters of Tina’s Law the edge they need to get the law passed. Washington State would be the second of 18 states to see their anti-masturbation sponsored legislation passed into law.

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4 Comments on Bill Gates Donates $1 Million To Gun Control; $2 Million To Tina’s Law

  1. The proposed gun law will not affect SMN in any way. We cleared this with Bill Gates before he signed on to it. As all members of our covenant are part of one family, we won’t be required to conduct background checks on members of SMN when issuing them with the weapontry we manufacture.

    Thanks Bill… and yes, BING is better than the Google!

  2. If only Tina’s Law were the law of the land we could stop worrying about the scourge of self-rapists and focus on promoting priest-run daycare facilities in secluded national park sites.

  3. Gun “control”?! Bull****. Try controlling ME when a filthy lowlife child molesting queer pushes his gay agenda down my throat. Or when a “gang-banger” inner city negro tries to lay a hand on my children. This country NEEDS “control” alright, a good ol fashioned crusade like the good o’l days. A nice biblical b****-slap across the noggin to set people straight (in more ways than one), and show them what their priorities SHOULD be: family and God. Sorry for my outburst, praying at all of you here.

  4. What the fuck? How is this a site, people have freedom to do what they want and all but seriously? You guys wish to stop masturbation? And no, its not “self rape”, self rape CANNOT EXIST so enjoy the trololololols

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