Does Masturbation Hurt your Credit Score?

(StopMasturbationNOW)—A good credit score can be a major factor in your quality of life. Anything from home ownership to the quality of spouse you attract is directly tied to your FICO score.

Many things affect your credit score. If you’ve just moved to the USA then you may need to learn how to rebuild your credit score here, but there are many factors that can impact it over here. Factors such as: How much you make, your gender, your payment history, your debt to income ratio, your race, how long you have been employed, and yes, whether or not you masturbate.

What does masturbation have to do with my credit score?

Well at first there may not seem like a correlation. But why does past payment history effect your credit score? Well research has shown that people who have paid their bill in the past have a history of paying their bills in the future, likewise people who have struggled to pay their bills in the past are more likely to default on payment terms in the future. These may not be absolutes, but general trends that are proven, scientific, and substantial. And using the same science, non-masturbators have a much higher history of paying their bills on time.

Why then do masturbators not pay their bills on time?

There are several reasons behind this. One is you simply cant pay your bills with your hands on your sin-stick. That may seem obvious but there are many other reasons too:

  • Masturbators computers usually have malware from the pornography sites they go to, this prevents bill pay.
  • Masturbators often don’t have jobs because they often miss work do to masturbating habits.
  • Many masturbators abuse drugs like marijuana and ellisdee. These drugs can cost thousands of dollars per week rendering people unable to pay bills.
  • Most masturbators are selfish and don’t care about obligations.

It is important if you are a creditor or a landlord not to do business with masturbators. The masturbation business is not smart business.

10 Comments on Does Masturbation Hurt your Credit Score?

  1. Solid faith research in this article. Why would a creditor want to receive malware from a masturbator when they make an online payment? Why would a landlord want to risk second-hand diseases by accepting tainted cash or a semen-encrusted check from a tenant? Neither would and your credit score should suffer as a result.

  2. This website is so full of shit, websites like Pornhub don’t have malware, they have a bit of ads though. To masterbate takes around 5-10 minutes depending on your stamina and mood. Most people masturbate once every one to two days. Malware does not spread via online payment like Paypal. If you actually believe what this website says, your a fucking moron and you deserve to sent to a deserted island.

  3. I want some of that thousands of dollar per week marijuana. The stuff I’m smoking only costs twenty a week. I want some.

  4. Your dumb. Rot it hell. I pray for you pathetic people who shame others while you do it yourselves. You filthy whores

  5. That sexy woman with all the money around her is really hot! I masturbated 3 times today looking at her! Screw my credit score, she makes me horny! Praise!!!

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