Now you can do your part to spread the Stop Masturbation Now message

Help the SMN cause and tell the masturbaters to think of the children

These 100% Normal American Made bumper stickers are fresh off the presses at the BLUFF Ministries Print Shop, we’ve indentured…..I mean adopted 2000 of the child refugees from the INS in Arizona and gave them a job in our print shop making these bumper stickers.  Each sticker cost only $1.99 each and 7% of the proceeds go to feed, clothe, and shelter the child refugees, the other 93% goes towards the building our our new Golden Shower of Truth Cathedral in Safford AZ.

To order please send cash and a SASE to:

Ohio BLUFF Campus

C/O SMN Sticker

3232 Indian Village Dr.

Upper Arlington, Oh 43221

Our Holy Mission is to raise awareness of the child refugees from Mexico, to stop masturbation now, and for masturbaters to think of the children the next time they self rape. For less than a nickel a day you can do your part too.

God Bless,

TheRev Leroy Jenkins


About TheRev Leroy Jenkins 36 Articles
TheRev Leroy Jenkins was born the oldest of 13 children in a small farm town of Sweet Apple, Oh. While on the farm he learned to fear god, a woman's place is in the kitchen, a mans place is to be the head of the household, and masturbation is a sin. At 18 TheRev left his small town and moved to Seattle to attend college, while there he was tempted by some filthy pot-weed injecting hippies to try masturbations, this led to a downward spiral of ellis dee bong hits, pot weed injections, listening to Milli Vanilli, and holding a sign saying "Will self rape for McNuggets." He was at his lowest point in his life when he was saved by Lonnie Childs of the Stop Masturbation Now church, Lonnie took him in, bathed him in his Holy Golden Shower of Truth, and educated him in FaithFacts™ and Brother Lonnie's University of FaithFacts™ in Stafford, AZ. TheRev was an avid student and earned his PHD of FaithFacts™ from B.L.U.FF and was sent out on a Mission to spread Lonnie's word to heathen Amish-Mexicans in rural Ohio. TheRev now resides in Ohio and runs the Ohio B.L.U.FF campus in Homersville, Oh with his 5 Same Race Assigned Spouses and his 23 Normal children. Brother Leroy is Senior Staff writer for B.L.U.FF Press LLC. In 2011 TheRev was awarded The Pulitzer Prize and Edward G. Murrow Award for his in depth expose' on the Myth of the Female Orgasm.
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  1. I want to get 100 and put them on peoples cars at the mall as a surprise Christmas present!

  2. Now I’ve heard of Masturbation, but whats Mastubation? Is it like some kind of sub-masturbation or something entirely new?

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