ESPN Actively Encouraging Men to Commit Sex Acts Upon Each Other

Photo courtesy of ESPN. All Rights Reserved

In today’s masturbation-fueled world, it should come to no surprise that Disney’s own ESPN has a segment on their NFL Sunday Pre-Game show called (of all things) “C’Mon Man!!!”

As you know, cumming on a man is something only another man can do, as women are not physically capable of orgasming. This disgusting act also involves masturbation. What’s shocking is that this sort of obscene campaign is taking place on what should be a manly, heterosexual television show.

Lately, the great sport of Football (or “American Soccer” as other countries call it) is being wrenched away from good, honest men. Tim Tebow has been cut from the Eagels, Jenn Sturgeon is no longer on television, and now this.

I, for one, will not do what ESPN is telling us to do. I will not defile my fellow man. I will only contact another man with a sanitary and perfectly straight Fist-Bump.

I encourage you all to contact ESPN and tell them to stop this campaign once and for all. You can reach them toll-free at: 1-888-276-6760

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  1. Is this a parody? Because A this made me laugh so hard and B there is no way there are human beings out there that are this stupid.

  2. “C’Mon Man!” is just a phrase they say when describing ridiculous moments/plays in football. No sexual perversion is intended. Good grief!

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