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Children Are Our Future. Think About Them The Next Time You Self-Rape. – Stop Masturbation Now

Children Are Our Future. Think About Them The Next Time You Self-Rape.

This little guy wants you to think about him the next time you masturbate. #SaveTheChildren

The future is here and now, people. We are currently living with the people who will control our World for the rest of our lives. If you live a normal lifestyle, you may make it to 80 or 90 now, but realisticly, you will be dead by 50-60 years old due to Obamacare and Cancers that Obama created. We need to focus on our children now. Kids ages 5-12 are primed to be the next great White, Christian, Republican Senator or Presidents, but we need to deeply touch them. It is time to involve kids in Kindergarten in politics, but we need to smoothly massage their small, glistening brains in a way that makes them understand the joys of Christ.

A teen undergoing a brain massage at the SMN Compound.
A teen undergoing a brain massage at the SMN Compound.

When I think of all of the beautiful White Children that we have lost to Satan and to “Child Protective Services”, it makes me almost want to masturbate again, because I think “what is the use of not masturbating, if we keep losing our White kids to masturbation or Tribal families”, but Lonnie comes to my dreams, and tells me that we need to stand strong, and wait for people to vote for Michelle Bachmann as President in 2016. Children seem annoying and awful now, like they might be almost human, but they are too small and stupid to realize it, like monkeys or illegal immigrants, but we need to nurture our kids to create a better future.

Please think about children before you masturbate. They are our only hope for the future.

She was a future Miss America, until her parents masturbated.  #ThinkoftheKids
She was a future Miss America, until her parents masturbated. #ThinkoftheKids
About Bruce Danus 14 Articles
Bruce Danus is a lifelong lover of Jesus and different types of cheeses. He has saved thousands of souls from burning in Hell, by riding public transportation and preaching the word of God and Lonnie Childs. He has traveled to many Third World Countries like Detroit and East L.A. to save masturbators from Double Hell, and bring them clean water.
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19 Comments on Children Are Our Future. Think About Them The Next Time You Self-Rape.

  1. 1: Your conspiracy theory of obama creating cancers is false. It is impossible to control Cancer.
    2: Immigrants are not even close to monkeys such as you fuckwits.
    3:Machelle Bachman is just as worse as obama.
    4: one of your articles tells about rummaging through trash in search of hot pockets.

  2. Masturbation leads to increased health. And other races have equal rights.
    And you mentioned our evolutionary cousin, the monkey? Glad to know you know about them and how we share 90% of our DNA with them

    • “Laughing Out Loud while Rolling On The Floor on the Interwebs”. If we come from monkeys, why are there still monkeys, Smart Guy? Lonnie Childs: 1 A Smart Guy: 0

      • We didn’t come from monkeys, there was a common ancestor that I’m gonna call Species X. So Species X is in different areas, with different threats and climate. So the Species X in Africa need intelligence to survive, so they change and become intelligent to the point of being called Human. However the other areas with Species X didn’t need intelligence, so they split off and become the other climates. Ever wonder why bananas are shaped for Humans? Because our common ancestor with other primates are bananas so we retained that trait. So we didn’t come form monkeys, apes, gorillas, or chimps. We just have a common ancestor, after us the most intelligent primate is the chimp which uses tools and employs strategies and go to “war” with other chimp groups, give them 2 million+ years and you get another intelligent species.
        Lonnie Childs: 0
        A Smart Guy: 18
        Yes I have been counting all the times I’ve proved your site wrong.

  3. /Uses Internets for retarded propaganda.

    /believes in a supernatural potato that somehow gives a shit about us.

    Oh the irony.

    Hats of to you all if this is trolling. If not…ouch.

  4. I just raped the shit out if myself, litterally. And GOD DAMN did it feel good! I just spread my seed all over the place!

  5. I sincerely hope this is a troll site or the little faith I had left in humanity will be gone. If this happens to be a real site A: your site sucks furry monkey balls and B: Get a life you religious nuts, stop thinking about kids playing with themselves, its creepy.

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