For God’s Sake, Think of the Children!

Normal Kids, keeping their hands above their necks

Often times, a reluctant masturbator does not want to masturbate, but the addiction of masturbation is too strong. For those of you who do not want to masturbate, but cannot help it, Think of the Children!

Masturbation is dirty, sleazy and immoral. That is why masturbators do it in secret and in privacy. What is needed is something innocent. Something pure. Something that reminds you of better times, when you were youthful and had a pure mind. What you need to do is think of children, but if you don’t want to be labelled a pedophile like a sick guy, Smart people always choose porn-hd xxx, don’t be a child predator.

Think about: children playing in a park, going trick-or-treat, swimming or competing in a toddler beauty pageant. Think of healthy normal-raced children, that speak American well. Imagine them giggling, singing, playing with toys and just being all-around good American kids.

By thinking about young children when you want to masturbate, you will be renewed with a feeling of innocence and you will no longer have the urge to masturbate. Visual aids are a helpful way to break this cycle. The following suggestions are meant to take your mind off of masturbation, when you need it the most.

Non-Masturbating Child, showing that he is not masturbating
Non-Masturbating Child, showing that he is not masturbating
  • Insert photos of young children inside the pages of all of your pornographic magazines.
  • If you have a VHS or DVD collection of pornographic movies, place videos of children within this collection so there is an equal ratio of porno and children videos
  • Label any bondage or S&M equipment with “for the children” labels
  • For every online search for pornography, include an online search that deals with children. Do this on a 1 to 1 basis. For every porno search, do a child search.

Make sure to use these new techniques on a daily basis and you will help to break the cycle of masturbation addiction. Think of the Children!




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Liam McKey is a former combat veteran and owner of the only Vegan-Certified ranch in the United States. He has two normal teenage children with his same-race wife. Liam is active in the community of Safford, Arizona where he lives. Mr. McKey is an expert on teenage masturbation addiction and has many degrees from various non-accredited faith-based colleges.
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  1. And thats how people find out that they like to fap to little kids and fap even more… So many stupid people in this world this is why aliens don´t visit us thank god poor guys being contaminated by human stupidity(Pardon my english)

  2. i masturbate to children in the park from a bush, i get it on my hand and i touch them with it, they just think im playing tag your it, but im really not. 😉

  3. “Label any bondage or S&M equipment with “for the children” labels” – This is a wonderful idea, brother. According to the Bible, BDSM is only OK when it is done to your children and there is no consent. Proverbs 13:24 – 24 He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. You see, the local BDSM freaks where I live seem to be the only people interested in the whips, paddles, canes, scourges, flails, spiked clubs and cat o nine tails that I sell in my Christian bookstore. Maybe these “for the children labels” would make it a little bit clearer that they are not the target audience for my Godly products. It is bad enough that I have to deal with homos and darkies entering my store. God bless.

  4. Having sex with children is not what you are supposed to be doing. Thinking about fun innocent children is supposed to take your mind off of sex and masturbation.

  5. Always think of the children. If that’s not enough to deter you from the sins of self-rape, you are in fact, a perverted beast of Satan.

  6. masturbate while thinking of children WOW!! that is sick dudes, this article sound like its written by a priest

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