“Spin the Bottle”: A Harmless Rite of Passage or Dangerous Masturbation Ritual?

Some say that the pre-teen game “spin the bottle” is harmless fun; a time where whimsical memories are created, a rite of passage for many a youth.  The naïve people who believe this couldn’t be more wrong!

Teens about to “circle jerk-off”


There’s nothing more important to a young person than appearing “cool” in the eyes of their peers.  The pressure to circle jerk-off with the “hip” kids at school is an issue that teens struggle with on a daily basis.

It’s a Shakespearean tragedy that plays out every weekend in every corner of the globe.

A group of naïve youngsters start off by playing spin the bottle and before anyone is the wiser, they are masturbating furiously.

What are YOUR children doing this weekend?  Who are they hanging out with?  It’s time to ask some serious questions!

– Lonnie

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3 Comments on “Spin the Bottle”: A Harmless Rite of Passage or Dangerous Masturbation Ritual?

  1. I’m quite pleased I was ostracized by the “hip crowd” at my school and was never tempted with liberal hippie games like this “jerk circle” you outline in this news story. Luckily I was never peer pressured into this nonsense and have become a moral and worldly adult. I owe it all to the strength of my father’s ten demandments he made me live by until I turned 23 years old which seem to fall perfectly in lockstep with Lonnie’s value system. Praise.

  2. My husband participated in many circle jerks as a young man, but he tells me that mor often than not they were more egg-shaped, like an oval or something.

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