You’ll be shocked when you see how masturbators live. It made me a little sick.

Faces of Masturbation

BOCA RATON, FLA. — As everyone knows, masturbators are almost always depressed, socially retarded shut-ins. Their world consists of fixating on distasteful online pornographies flooding the Internet and beating their own privates to a pulp.

Since their lives revolve around the one sinful act of Onanism, other aspects such as faith, family, education, work, a proper diet, exercise and hygiene are left neglected. It goes without saying that masturbators are not productive members of society.

The following will shock and disgust you, but you need to see it. These pictures were taken after the self-rapers in question were duly arrested and hauled away by the police for their crimes against nature… and themselves.

From the desk of:

Prof. Milton H. Grits
Director of The Modesty in Media Project
Brother Lonnie’s University of FaithFacts™

With kind encouragement and assistance from
Sister K. Truffle



Faces of Masturbation

Faces of Masturbation

Faces of Masturbation


Faces of Masturbation

Faces of Masturbation

Faces of Masturbation

Faces of Masturbation

Faces of Masturbation

Faces of Masturbation

40 Comments on You’ll be shocked when you see how masturbators live. It made me a little sick.

  1. Too bad we can’t share photos in the comments. I could share an image of my immaculate prayer room where I do all of my faith-based writing and praise Lonnie multiple times a day.

    Thank you, Brother Milton, for sharing these horrific images to hopefully scare some of these masturbators straight.


  2. Hardcore evidence that masturbators have the most filthy hands and homes. I am completely discustarded!

    • Hardcore, eh? Sure, some may have homes like this, but masturbation happens in just about every room in every home in every country.
      From cardboard boxes to penthouse suites, they’ve been masturbated in.
      I can tell you that the majority of teenage boys’ rooms have witnessed to the act, And also the majority of teenage girls. Never mind all the adults. It’s just a fact o’ life, dear Christina.
      My room is perfectly clean.

  3. Masterbation is natural, even dolphins do it and also, this is not how all masterbators live, this is just one persons room. Most people would never let their room look like that.

  4. My Lords! I read this article yesterday, and only now have I stopped vomiting. How disgusting, when I think of a masturbator’s lifestyle I just…(vomits, yet again)

  5. The savage beasts should be set alight and extinguished with a shotgun. They will surely end up in a place worse than octo-hell!

    Stop Masturbation Now!

    • I think it’s a pretty safe be to say that each of these photos represent your typical masturbator’s “den of iniquity” as mentioned in the Bible and condemned by Jesus (King Lonald Version).

      The only masturbators who do not live like this are the homelesses. Because they do it in the bushes or at bus stops or what have you.

  6. Lol you guys are all idiots…I know people making over 200 thousand dollars a year, with nice homes who masturbate. How can you ever think this is true, besides, can you not tell that all of those photos have been photoshopped to have women in the monitors. Damn religious extremists trying to force people to repress something that is natural.

    • Well, those are the exceptions that prove the rule. You know, some drug abusers and dealers make a lot of money and have fancy homes too but more often than not they live in cracktown or a trailer park in conditions not unlike these.

      • Did you really just compare drug dealing, which not only harms you, but countless others whom you are selling drugs to. To masturbation? Wow you guys really do pull at straws. Pun intended. I can almost guarantee that 90% of people better off in all aspects of life than you (not saying you have a bad life) masturbate. It is much more common for people to masturbate than to not…

        • The difference between the illegal drugs and mastrabation is that there are situations in which doctors prescribe drugs like heroin, morphine and opium. Any physician prescribing mastrabation would be laughed out of his profession.

          • What a terrible argument, you clearly are not well educated. Enjoy repressing children and making them adhere to your extremist guidelines, i’m sure that will bode well for them as they grow up.

  7. I’m masturbating while typing this. I like to stick my finger in my pee hole and dig up to my testes until i bleed. A mix of blood and cum is awesome. Btw i live in a dumpster because i masturbate so much.

  8. this entire site literally made my head hurt… by far the dumbest website ever created… and yes i am rubbing one out as this is being typed…. DEAL WITH IT

    • Dan, you are in need of our help. I will pray AT you!

      If you would like to speak to me personally, please respond and I will leave you my direct number.


  9. i love what you guys are doing here, these nonbelievers are in serious need of some faith. i was recently baptised and its like all the semen left my body and i got a job and now am a productive member of society, i’m even training to lead a church. you people have really inspired me to better my life.

    god be with you


    • I’m agnostic, but if religion is benefitting you in this way then i say more power to you! This is what i believe religion is good for. Pushing false things onto children and repressing them due to religion on the other hand, is terrible and immoral.

  10. Are you so blind not to notice that these pictures are staged? The pictures on the monitors have been photo shopped into them, cigarette butts and ash trays have been dumped on the keyboards, plastic bottles have been deposited in one area and one black trash bag on the floor. If anyone was arrested it was for a drug addiction or other illegal activity. I masturbate with and without my husband. We have a healthy/open non judging sex life with no shaming or hang up’s. Masturbation is a part of a normal healthy life. I am a sex blogger who is sex positive and I have one partner.

  11. Omg you’re all mentally ill xD Can you please stop making people think religion is just as stupid as you people are?

  12. lol i really have to laugh about this site

    why stop masturbation now?

    EVERY healthy person masturbates/has masturbated once.
    i am a 16 years old boy and i indeed masturbate lol.

    and my room totally doesnt look like this, i have a very clean room.
    ALL my friends masturbate and most of them have a clean room lol.

    search on google: is masturbating bad for you.

    it isnt bad for humans to masturbate, its actually healthy for a human.

    so stfu with this anti masturbating website.

    we all know that the persons who post these comments also masturbate/have masturbated once.

  13. There are more people on this planet who masturbate than people who don’t. If I have to believe this article, then that means that almost everyone on Earth lives in a house like this? You all know that’s not true.

  14. Is everyone on this website being sarcastic or is this a serious site? Saying masturbation causes people to have dirty rooms on the evidence of 5 photos is like saying we are all product of an incestuous family because a book says so. And actually if our great descendants were at it with their siblings and cousins, what right does god have to tell us not to be touching our own dick as if they are work of the devil?

    I actually came onto this page as I’m trying to stop watching porn, so I wanted to see the effects of stopping. Granted, porn has ways of messing with the head but is completely different from masturbation although the two have been clumsily merged into one idea on your photo. The fact that this site comes up when I was searching for informative articles related to the addictive effects of porn use is something that I find fairly disturbing, as if it wasn’t so fundamentally retarded it could confuse already sexually confused teens even further.

    Why I think you have created this site is because either you have poor self esteem so you are projecting your problems onto others while using a religious complex to back you up, or you have been taken in by religion and never had the presence of mind to question these beliefs. The trouble is that not everyone is like you and so preaching to people will usually have a negative effect.

    Condemning a behaviour as sin such as masturbation is damaging for teenagers, as it will make them feel shameful about themselves and confused about why they feel that way. This is one of the best ways to ruin self esteem, which is why religion is so often linked to depression, suicide and a feeling of helplessness.

    At the age of 15 I almost jumped off a bridge because I was struggling to come to terms with my bisexuality and one of the main reasons I struggled so much was because my parents were catholic and would have outcasted me. I was also so scared about what the lord thought of me that I was ashamed of myself for being born and I used to pray to be someone else. At this point my will could have altogether been broken, just like so many of the sheep that I used to see in church, praying to God to deliver when they were too weak and paranoid to go out and make a difference themselves. Instead it opened my eyes and allowed me to see the world for what it really is.

    It was only when I came to peace with the fact that there is no god that I regained my self confidence, as I finally started living on my own terms and not the terms of people that manipulated public fear to suit their own agendas. I have a higher purpose which is greater than catholicism, as I believe that we are now at a stage in our society where we have enough hard evidence to conclusively dispel the possibility of religion and all the suffering it causes. I dream of a world where shaming something as sinful is as antiquated as witch hunts have become and people have learnt to judge ideas from their own research and not simply who shouts loudest and whose god has the biggest biceps.

    I’ve gone on a bit and that’s because I’m kinda stressed and this website is too much of an easy target, but yeah go fuck yourselves. Quite literally. People like you are the leeches of society.

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