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210 Comments on PhotoTestimonials

  1. Another brave man comes forward and shows he is strong enough to take the pledge. Praise on high!

    • yeah baby… keep talking dirty i’m almost finished.. Just don’t fucking stop, KEEP GOING …OOHHHHHH YEAAAH… Mann that was a huge fucking load, you better go clean up

  2. holy god in heaven what the hell is wrong with these people, self rape? whats next reading sci fi is blasphemy? wow

  3. Please tell me this whole site is a joke. It’s seriously the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  4. OMG serious, masturbation lowers your risk of testicular and prostate cancer and if you hold a young man back he will have a greater chance of rape or harm and detesting the opposite sex. THIS IS SO WRONG!!!! I will boycott this site and send the real “everyday” humans to stop this.

  5. … just stepped over that wicked page over an ad at Facebook.
    Welcome back to medieval times. It is 2014 now, HELLO … wake up and open your eyes to what really matters in the world. This is really annoying. Grown up people with at least some sort of education must know that masturbation is the most normal thing in life and is healthy. Best wishes to all from Ibiza, Spain.

      • No, you’re a special kind of stupid. This is a real site, not a troll site. Michael Moore did a documentary titled “Fappy” following around this particular religious anti-masturbation “CULT”. Lonnie Child’s is the leader of this bull shit. This is his stupid ass website. I thought it was all fake at first too, until I did a little research. So, before going off calling people stupid you should look into it yourself so you don’t look stupid giving people false information saying it’s a troll site. These dumb ass people are the real deal and think you will “GO TO HELL” for so called “SELF-RAPE”…. Lol

        • Almighty Jesus may the flames of your vengeance burn through the seminal ducts of these heathens living under the sinful grip of carnal pleasure. Lord almighty!

        • You must not have read some of the articles, specially about the one where Trump bans masturbation. It is so obvious that the site is to make fun of fundies and Trump. Also the fact that it is pointed to by the fake news site National Report, it should have been a clue.

  6. Having difficulty telling if this website is a joke or if the nutjobs here are serious. . .Sexual repression–it’s the Christian thing! If serious, don’t you people get it? You are CREATING rapists and sexual dysfunction by making perfectly normal activities “sinful”. I feel so sorry for Christian kids and the people they grow up to hurt….jeesh.

  7. Someone explain the self-raping….does their hand come alive and act on it’s own like Thing from the Addams Family?? Because if that’s the case….you people have MUCH bigger problems to worry about than some kid wacking off! ha!

    • Haha!!!! I was thinking the same thing… WTH is self-rape? This people are crazy… They judge you for masturbating and say your gonna go to hell, and then think it’s ok to act like they are there higher power and judge people by saying you are going to hell. I honestly thought this website was a joke at first. What’s even more funny, the kid in the pic is fucking with these people. His picture is a total joke. These people are so dumb that they believed it and put it up on there site. That good kind of Magic Johnson aids joke is from South Park… Lol

      • Well there is a town in Michigan called Hell, but to me hell is a warzone like Iraq and Afghanistan, i went to both so i guess i have been to hell and back twice, maybe I will go to Hell Michigan in the winter so i can point at the sign and post the pic on FB and title it Hell froze over!

  8. Is this real? Haha!!! I thought it was a joke… Lol… The guy in this pic is fucking with you all… You people are crazy… You can’t go to hell for masturbation… You can go to hell for judging someone for masturbating though… Jk… I’m going to the kingdom in the sky and I masturbate all the time…. That’s right, and I’m not going to hell. You don’t know which people are going to heaven anyways, only the higher power knows that. So don’t act like you do. You have no idea, not even one little bit who is going to heaven and who is going to hell. NO YOU DONT!!!!

  9. All you lewd commenters please leave this website! We are here to help people and you’re encouraging the devil to take root in these young men’s loins! The Lord Jesus must draw that demon out from their loins with our helping hands!

    • You’re crazy if you are buying into this. First, there is no such thing as self-rape. Second, anyone who straps there kid into one of those crucifixion devises needs to go to jail for child abuse. Third, the guy in this photo is messing with people like you. The note that he wrote is a joke from the cartoon T.V. Show “South Park.” Fourth and final thing, it’s not a sin to masturbate. As a matter of fact, it’s encouraged rather having premarital sex. You can’t get any desises do it either. I’m sure talking to you is like talking to fence post, but you need to open up your mind and stop being fooled. Who ever told you that this is bad is wrong. You will not go to hell for it, and that’s fact. If there is anything that you will go to hell for, it’s claiming to do the higher powers job and judge people telling them they will go to hell. That is a good way to go to hell, acting like you have the right to do gods job.

    • Okay, let me get this straight, you want to coax the devil out of the young man’s loins with your helping hands? hmm…. sounds fishy to me…..

    • LOL everyone is human. We’ve all wanted to at least some point in out lives. Even you to bea. FACE IT. Everyone is human

  10. I’ve been masturbation free for nine months! My girlfriend Mary (pentecostal) fell head over heels for this cute young woman Ruth (home schooled 7th Day Adventist) at a revival last fall. Ruth secretly masturbated all the time. Now they have broken free of their bonds of fear of touching someone of the same sex, they find God every night. Fortunately, they both still need a man’s touch so I never have to masturbate either. Now they are talking about the next revival and all the men and women that we can save from the sin of masturbation.

    • Sooooooooo it’s okay to be gay but it’s not okay to masturbate????? Well if that doesn’t sound hypocritical…..

  11. i just purchased an Avengers-themed hulk penis from ebay and i cant wait to praise the good lord while i use it!!

  12. some one please get ur head out of ur ass and realise.. YOU CANT GET AIDS FROM A LIGHT SABER YOU FUCKEN MORAN. there’s no FUCKEN WAY this site is run by any FORM of Christians at all.. FUCKEN SUPID PEOPLE.

  13. I’m totally digging the fact that people can’t figure if this site is serous or not. Getting all up in arms about it ‘n shit. It’s obviously satire, read it that way and have some good, self-rape free fun.

    • If I can’t self-rape myself, than I don’t want to live. Did you see that shit about it saying “One day, god willing, it will be illegal” lmao!!!

  14. I’m a female and to tell you the truth, all this talk about “self-raping” makes my pussy drip. I think I may just play with myself to this crazy shit lmao

  15. First of all… This is not proper Christianity or Catholicism! This is a sad website and actually quite amusing. Why would someone pray for or pray against a comment. And it’s really funny how people think they can get into heaven by stopping masturbation! I mean come on who in THE HELL comes up with this stuff

  16. i need a man to come fuck me or else i’m going to just keep touching myself please someone respond soon i’ll be waiting 😉 ;P xoxoxo

  17. Here’s a good photo testimonial idea for Lonnie to put up on the site.. a picture of him inserting his dick in to a blender and hitting the liquify button. Hey, he’d no longer be in danger of being tempted to jerk off anymore, right?.. Buhahaha!

  18. well, it’s been fun in here, but I gatta run for now. gatta go break out the ky and beat off while fantasizing of giving Cathy Redmond a free rectal exam with my dick.

  19. Hey Kat, if your going to touch yourself and stuff, could you send me pictures so I have something to beat off to?..

  20. All of this loathing for gay people and masturbation,from your interpretation of the bible (that gives people reasons to be assholes to perfectly good people), gives me a raging boner. I’m gonna go play with myself for a while to this crazy ass website.

  21. Self exploration is a part of life.. Young and old have been doing it for years. Any doctor or psychologist will tell you that self exploration is healthy for people, it relives stress and can make for better love making in the bedroom. Everyone on here telling people that because they are masturbating are going to hell really thinks that they will get in to heaven?!?! Hmmmm I think they need to go read their bible again… Read the part about judging others least you not be judged…. And the whole tie your kid to a cross thing is nothing more than child abuse, plain and simple. I really feel sorry for any child who has to be put through something like that. If you are putting your kid on one of those please go seek help because you are scarring your kids for life….

  22. This has to be the most offensive website I have ever visited. Really! Despite the fact that there is no such thing as self-rape, in my opinion you should be jailed for the anti-masturbation device you are selling. Tying up a child is Abuse!!! Your website is therefore condoning child abuse. This website needs to be banned and taken down, and I intend to find out which authority has the power to do so. You all need a visit to the funny farm. Freaks!!

  23. Define
    rape 1 (rp)
    1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
    2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
    3. Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.
    tr.v. raped, rap·ing, rapes
    1. To force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse; commit rape on.
    2. To seize and carry off by force.
    3. To plunder or pillage.

    Self-rape is an impossible thing unless your hand has a will of its own, this is a load of bullshit you nutheads.

    • 3. Abusive or imroper treatment.

      Masturbation is abuse and improper treatment of the human body. Your body is the work of the Lord! why anyone would partake in such filth is just another sign that the fags are winning the war against christianity! we must stop these sick people immediately! they’re no better than these whores in the military who fight to support faggotry and homosexuality! it’s outright evil! but when the time comes they will all burn in hell for their disgusting sins.

      • “your body is the work of the lord” lets just take that sentence and realize how ironic it is …. “sign that the fags are winning the war against Christianity!” i dont know about you , but some gays are actually Christians, and youre pissed because someone is winning against Christianity, yet when your “religion” was murdering thousands because they werent the same religion, or murdering them even after they converted , its considered “okay”

  24. Omfg! This is the most fucked up site! Self rape?! Really? Are ya’ll really that goddamn crazy? This is some kind of psychotic bullshit. Everybody masturbates! It’s natural! It’s not “self rape”. I’ve never heard of anything as stupid as this. I’d like to meet the fucking idiot that came up with this ignorant bullshit because I’d like to tell him he’s outta his goddamn mind.

  25. I am confused.. “Pray for” with the thumbs up sign, is us liking the comment right? If not I am so sorry, I was pushing that for all the awesome comments about how screwed up this site is, and all the funny comments about people going to the corner to get off. Pardon me, I made myself horney with a few of the posts XDD

  26. there is a different way than stop masturbating for what reason ever, it is called edging, where the masturbator or selfpleasurer is surfing the orgasmic edge before cumming and relax back into sexual arousal. from there you go again to the edge and relaxation and again and again and again… if you avoid peaking out there is after a while (30-60 min) a liquid light transmission based on the natural relase of DMT in the pineal gland and endorphine in the thymus gland that let you pray to the real lord within…halleluiah
    pray that way every morning and evening for at least 60 minutes…amen

  27. I am a lesbian and a chronic masturbator. Only I don’t masturbate to just anything, I mind fuck anime girls. Don’t worry, you can come “catch the gay” from me anytime 😉 nothing turns me on more than “converting” homophobic bigots and religious anti-masturbators over to my “sinful” way of life.
    P.S. I’m reporting these nutcases to CPS. It’s child abuse to restrain your child from doing something that is completely natural and helps their psychological development. These people are creating rapists and pedophiles.

          • I’m jacking off to your profile pic as I type! Feel the mental rape! Also do me a solid and tell Cathy Redmond that I’m jacking off to her profile pic too. You both might want to take a long shower but your cult probably forbids it!
            P.S. I’m also jerking it to eye patch guy too! LONG LIVE KOREA!!!

  28. I am an active atheist but with that being said I have read plenty of the bible. But this website is based on the fact that it is a “sin” to masturbate but it is not a sin to own slaves?  You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

    • This netsite is about the sin of masturbation, why are you bringing slavery into this? Unless you mean how people are “slaves” to self-rape. If so, then praise!

  29. Godamn! Reverand nothing gets me HARDER than spreading gods word to all these here animal blasfemersss! So don’t mind if I rub this one out for tha lord! Amen!

  30. The kid that’s been masturbation free for 6 minutes.. I’m crying this is so funny. Now I’m going to go blow my boyfriend.

  31. Can’t help but notice at least 1 of these images has been photoshopped to change the writing. How stupid can people be to have to pretend to have supporters? This website is nothing but a load of lies. I have never known anyone to come to harm because of masturbation. Were all going to hell so why not enjoy the journey? 😉

      • Amen father Lonnie! Watch, next this sin-zone abuser will want to see a receipt from your photo shopping trip! Praise on father lonnie!

      • excuse me do you even know the definition of photoshop? obviously you do since you have used the software. i recognise one of your ‘saved souls’ as a teacher who posted a photo on the internet asking people to share it to show her class how quickly a photo went out of control.

        though i will admit it is nice to hear from the great Lonnie himself what an honor! now, why am i going to hell for masturbation? and find me one person who isnt going to hell? i mean really… please tell me exactly how you’ve been the perfect citizen and treated every person with kindness even your enemies.
        you have lied on this website, taken the word RAPE into false context and used the Lords name to make people feel like they have done something unnatural.

        touching yourself is natural. it’s great stress relief, can help you sleep, and lets face it if you dont have that little bit of fun then you’re a minority these days. but this is now more than that. this is brain washing. so can you please consider the minds of the children that you are trying to force into believing something. no child should be forced into religion, let alone something that will make them feel like the urges they get during puberty are the act of the devil.

        you have altered peoples online images without their permission, brainwashed parents, children, and many others beside that. please, give me proof that masturbation is evil.

        i masturbate every day. toys and all. i’ve never felt happier than while i’m doing that.

  32. The literal 100 or so mildly well shopped photos has convinced me this entire site is a joke. Not excluding that everything seems to have been posted today.

    • Dear Dr. Vaughn,

      Thank you for your educational response! You must have a lot of time on your hands to write a such a non-normal thesis! Where did you get your law degree or is that just more of your hate propaganda? Threatening people is also forbidden in the bible, so most of your arguments are invalid. If you get a hold of Hulk Hogan, will you have him send me an autograph? I have been a Hulkster since i was a young non self-raper. I don’t hold a law degree such as your self but I’m pretty sure Vince McMahon owns Hulks soul, likeness and retail rights. Seeing how its Wednesday, i do have to get some prayers in for Pastor Lonnie. In short “those who live in vaulted ceiling trailers should not cast the first stone.” -Proverbs 4:20

  33. You missed spelled your name sir, it should be CalbHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just because your self-raping friends in the trailer park say you are funny, in reality to us normals, you are not. Praise on high!

  34. Is this site part of that westboro psycho cult shit fuckers abomination? If so could y’all do the world a favor, eat shit and die! I don’t believe in religion but I would gladly pray for westfucker protesters to be gunned down every time they disrespected a fallen hero’s funeral. I feel sorry for your children who you are forcing this hate on. Go fuck yourselves.

  35. Blessed are those who choose a sin free, self-rape free, righteous path.

    Praise Brothers and Sisters!

    • You can always msg us on the Facbook page if that’s easier. Stop Masturbation Now – The Original. Or use the ‘Contact Us’ services at the top of this page.

      Bless you and Praise!

  36. Some pictures have been modified through Paint to add a message…
    It is so badly done !!!

  37. Number One: Look at the type of people posting photo’s of them selves, and off the wall comments… So pleased with themselves…Masturbation is a very natural thing. Some Christians have lost their ever loving minds, with all these insane with their “BACKWOODS IDEAS” ideas they are coming up with… I’m a Christian, and I feel we need to let up some on everything we do not like, understand, or have made it into a quote from the Holy Bible….These post truly are insane!!! God Help Us All. Amen

  38. omg …. the stupid on this one page is too damn high ….
    + marijuana needles arent a thing
    + hows snorting your Ellis Dee? sounds like someones name rather than the actual drug called LSD
    + Laughing too hard at “dale” claiming he boils AIDs
    + You want real supporters please dont use the picture of one of fucking troops holding a sign that is clearly fucking photo shopped… Same with the 102 year old man… They conveniently have the same bold font , yet their signs are at different angles, and i dont know about you but that troop’s finger nail is at quite the angle
    I hope Lonnie sees this , i would soooo love to have a nice little “chat” with him

  39. This can’t be real life? It is so incredibly misinformed and untrue. I would love for the owner of this site to show me scripture where it is specifically stated as being a sin. Furthermore, the use of the term “self rape” is not only incorrect but incredibly hurtful to victims that have actually been raped. Get a dictionary, do a little reading and grab the Bible while you’re at it, brush up on your scripture. This is a pitiful example of Christianity.

  40. Are you freaking kidding me??
    This shit has nothing to do with faith and God..
    Its just about being selfish and being a bleeping prude!
    God is about love and linving together damnit!
    So just be a grownup and start loving and let people live their lives.
    Do what God wants instead of hurting other people in the name of the Lord.
    F*** that shit.

  41. Is no one noticing that these pictures were sent in as jokes? Hahaha, really loving the girl who was injecting marijuna

  42. Amen and Hose Anna! These photos of former homolezzes renouncing the sin of Onan are just such a blessing.

    But I’d be even more blessed, if some of you submissive Christian women would post some “Before” shots!

  43. Hey people, in my opinion, masturbation could be harm if it interferes with your normal life. Such as not sleeping properly, not eating , etc. I would prefer to have sex rather than masturbation. But in order to have your mind clear and been calm, chill, the body naturally needs to release this fluids.
    It is something natural, but it has to be pick it carefully because I can take your way to se sex unnormal and it can affect our erection and lost of protein in our body.
    Sex is complete. Do it safely guys!!

  44. Damn all of you ! I can’t get any work done today because I’m laughing so hard! I need to go rub one out in the men’s room just to stop crying and to ease the pain in my belly from laughing!

  45. You FUCKING IDIOTS… need to wake up and realize that when the time comes you to will have to meet with God…..Hopefully, he/she has a sense of humor and you all will have to wait in the sodomy room will your judgement is thought upon……P.S. will your being sodomized…I hope gay men are masturbating you will being struck by lighting! Have a wonderful day you homophobic, cavemen dwelling assholes!

  46. I masturbated to every picture here at least 4 times. It was fun. especially to the guy who had herpes. 8=D thats a chode

  47. I love self-rape so much I invite my wife to rape me with her hot pussy. My man loins rejoice with jubilation every time my meat hand squeezes as my loin screams in agony and grows large to scare off attackers. It gets so scared a gooey stream erupts as a final defense mechanism

  48. Hows that chick with the massive tits…. I will self rape untill I explode all over her chest…. hot dawwgin…. Is that Cathy Redmans rack? I will pay top dollar for nudes of cathy…. is fingering my asshole considered self rape or is it ok for Cathy to do it? I like my prostate to be tickled.

  49. half the people on this site are making me LOL my ass off.
    the other half have me wondering if this is indeed an actual legit site. Im being trolled either way. time to go watch porn with Lonnie’s mom and fuck her asshole

  50. This is ridiculous. Fake. The woman in green sign REALLY says how pics on fb can get around so fast. Lonnie you are such. A bigot. So ignorant.

    • Angela, I only post pictures that people sent to me. That one might be fake, and maybe one or two more, but how do you explain the rest? Also, I am NOT a bigot. It’s apparent that you are prone to hysterical outbursts, as most females are. May I speak with your husband, brother, or any male member of your family instead? Thank you.

  51. I am from Romania and this is a country has is 100 years behind America as technology !
    But from what i see everywhere: on the internet, tv, stories etc.. Americans are stupid as shit. Excuse me, but i think over 80% of u all are to stupid to procreate; anyways, i kinda deviated: “How can u say is wrong to masturbate”. When a woman is fucking horny u want her to fuck some dude, or to masturbate, what do u chose as a man ? Or u want your woman going nuts? And if your children masturbate as early ages under ‘ -10 ‘, then u as parents failed by not giving the child a proper education. This site for me seem’s to be a fake ideas of a mentally broken dude that has no life rather than doing this, had no one to appreciate him and this is him way of being known, but by this hes only creating more stories in his head, until he will kill someone(cause hes broken like that);you american have this thing…go killing people out of fucking nowhere just out of plain stupidity. So Loonie, your a broken fanatic, and should seek professional care, cause man, something broken…Maybe you saw your dad masturbate, or u was abused or some crazy shit…AMERICA AGAIN SHOWED HOW STUPID THEIR CITIZEN’S ARE !! GJ. huh america…not even a country, Canada is a country

  52. OR maybe u never fucked a girl because u had no social life thus having no idea what sex works. Don’t bother to answer u sick fuck, get help until its to late.

  53. Jesus fucks mother mary in her gaping anal hole while she pukes in the mouth of God screaming vigorously “Rape me you little bitch or I’ll crucify your holy cock!”. Sorry if this offended you.

  54. I’ve masturbated so many times that my winkie perpetually went crooked and I’m peeing on the guy next to me at the public bathrooms. I wish I would have found Lonnie sooner.

  55. I have see similar website over entire internet, that is pure Trolling and that is all 😀 Trolololololo!

  56. Bitch Ill spank my frank wherever, however, and with whoever I please. Occasionally, I’ll catch myself making nut butter and humping my hose in the kitchen too.
    How do ya like that?

  57. Reading about how many times a day these fine young folk spank the monkey or ding the bell makes me very horny! Excuse me, I just gotta go take care of something…

  58. So, that chick with the massive breasts. Niiiice. Because these women totally aren’t going to make me want to drop my pants and Masturbate.

    Secondly, Masturbation is not ‘self-rape’. It’s pleasuring yourself to get sexual frustrations out and relive the body. Sometimes you need a pick-me-up and your hand is there so why not?

    So remember,
    Masturbation isn’t ‘Self-rape’ it’s self-love <3 let your children, teens and adults masturbate.

    Hell, Jesus probably masturbated, too.

  59. My dearly beloved daughter, hear My Most Holy Word as I warn mankind of the urgency to beg My Father for the forgiveness of their sins.

    Time is short now, as The Warning is almost upon us. Never put off until tomorrow what you need to do today. Remorse for your sins is crucial, before you ask for your sins to be forgiven. For without genuine remorse it is useless.

    So many blackened souls do I see in your world, My daughter. There is little Light and were you to witness the depths to which man has fallen, you would be shocked. So many millions of My children are plunging daily, into an abyss of sinful corruption, from which they will find it impossible to pull away unless you pray for them. They are blind to the Truth and even if they were to be shown My Light now, they would squirm and hide from Me. Pray for them.

    My children who are guilty of hateful sin, enjoy the fact that their evil behaviour is applauded for its entertainment value. Pornography seeps into so many homes around the world, by TV channels, which present these evil atrocities as harmless, humorous fun – these same channels which refuse to speak My Name. Violence also is glamorized not only on TV, but in games, making them so acceptable that people now consider the act of violence a natural thing.

    Satan’s demons, when they enter souls, begin to manifest in the human body so that their acts become clearly visible to My followers, who cringe in horror at what they have to bear witness to. The human body, infested with satanic demons will behave grotesquely. Their physical movements will be distorted and will emulate satanic messages used by the evil one to seduce like-minded weak people. Weak souls, empty of love for God, will be drawn towards them and will eventually emulate them so that they, too, will honour Satan and all he stands for in the way they too behave.

    One of the most rampant sins in the world today is sexual perversity. When it is presented to the world, it will always be camouflaged by humour. This is a clever way of trying to convince others that it is a natural part of your human make-up. You see, My daughter, every person in the world likes to laugh and needs a sense of humour, which is a Gift from God. So when sexually deviant behaviour is promoted, it will usually be presented to make you laugh. This is when it will demean, not just women, but where it will influence young children so that they will accept evil decadent behaviour as normal pop culture.

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