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BREAKING NEWS: ‘Roller Jerking’ Incident Causes Coaster Derailment – Stop Masturbation Now

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Roller Jerking’ Incident Causes Coaster Derailment

In 1998, Lonnie Childs showed how even one or two 'Roller Jerking' deposits would cause disaster

Roller Jerking Accident

VALENCIA, CALIF. — (SMNNN) First responders are still working to rescue riders of the “Ninja” roller coaster at Los Angeles area amusement park “Six Flags: Magic Mountain” late Monday evening. The incident happened around 5:30pm Pacific time and left four park goers injured.

Witnesses on the scene said everything seemed to running normally and then all of the sudden one of the cars just “slipped off the tracks” and “crashed into a nearby tree”. Images recovered from the scene also showed at least one of the cars of the Ninja coaster also dangling from the tracks.

At least 15 other riders are still trapped on the ride as park workers and firefighters struggle at this hour to rescue them.

SMNNN spoke to Six Flags guest Levi Wilson who said, “We were on the car right before the one that crashed. We noticed the tracks looked to be almost caked with this clear and sometimes white fluid. I’m not sure what it was but it seemed strange and the ride seemed to be pretty slippery; more than usual.”

Six Flags made themselves unavailable for comment as to whether or not they’d been keeping up with the mandatory “semen removal maintenance” that has become a necessary task for all theme parks since the late 1990s.

We were able to speak with Brother Virgil Cain, an engineering professor at Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts (Safford, Ariz.). Brother Virgil said, “In 1998, the SMN movement was able to get a regulation on theme park rides rammed through the bureaucratic nightmare of the U.S. legal system. The legislation said that due to the action that the masturbators like to call “Roller Jerking”, dangerous levels of semen were being spilled out onto the tracks of most thrill rides and that created a safety and morality issue. Of course the various amusement parks were already lackadaisical with their cleanliness but thanks to Brother Lonnie and his lobbyists it is now punishable by law in all 48 states that matter for a ride operator to neglect the twice daily semen cleaning process.”

Six Flags New Orleans - Closed due to Roller Jerking Act (1998)
Six Flags New Orleans was closed in 2005 due to failure to comply with the Roller Jerking Act. Six Flags strangely chose to submerge the park in water instead of tearing it down.

“We got the law passed because Brother Lonnie, Himself, created some diagrams and wrote a bunch of equations down on some papers,” Brother Virgil continued. “He also made a model, substituting baby oil mixed with milk for masturbator semen, that showed how a roller coaster car could go flying off the tracks with even just the equivalent of one or two ‘Roller Jerking’ deposits.”

Brother Virgil added that he is not privy to Six Flags: Magic Mountain’s safety records, but this incident “definitely looks like far too much ‘Roller Jerking’ was happening regularly on the Ninja coaster and they neglected to keep up with their maintenance. We closed one of their parks in the sin den of New Orleans back in 2005 due to their noncompliance with the Act; so I would not be surprised if that was the cause of the incident this evening.”

The ‘Roller Jerking Act of 1998’, as it was dubbed by the few media outlets that didn’t censor the story, was yet another step in Brother Lonnie’s plan to completely eradicate masturbation from the world.

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    • The studies Lonnie Childs did back in 1996 and 1997 showed that rainwater was dangerous as well, however, the chemical compounds that make up masturbator semen not only corroded the track but also made it 86% more slippery than tracks coated with common water.

      Also, bear in mind, that prior to the Roller Jerking Act, many outdoor amusement parks would close their attractions during inclement weather. Brother Lonnie and the Foundation For A Better Tomorrow based their research on that simple fact and found that the combination of cold rainwater and layers of sin seed on the tracks was taking half dozens of lives every few years.


  2. This is BS and there is no roller jerking act of 1998. There is no way cum would derail a roller coaster. Get it together crazy people.

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