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Forced Masturbation of the Handicapped is a Real Thing (Video Proof)

(StopMasturbationNOW)—Masturbation is a top ten cause of disease and also destroys American Family Values. Almost as much as making people gay liberals love to make people masturbate, whether it be television shows like Modern Family or movies like the Avengers, masturbation is everywhere.

Usually its the innocent that make the worst victims of this forced liberalism of America. Liberals target the ones who they cant force to choose to be liberal. How do they do this? By physical force.

We received video proof of caregivers forcing a mentally handicapped man to masturbate here is the shocking evidence:

This forced masturbation of the handicapped must be stopped

This forced masturbation of the handicapped must be stopped

What is almost as bad as the actual act is the fact the people doing it appear to actually be enjoying it. Liberals make me sick.

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Cathy Redmond

Liberals make me sick too, Lonnie. Praise.

Alan Mauldin (@spaldingw)

No, I think that’s just a preview from the Duggars very special Christmas special.


Filthy LIEberals should be rounded up and sent to concentration camps.

Tawnya Bryant

That’s so fake. I bet you guys made the video.


Do you think he came while thinking about Jesus?

Nigel Covington

No question about it. The video evidence is shocking and like all things liberal disgusting. Caregivers are always liberal extremists who support their anti-American causes by going into the homes of those wealthy people who can afford their services, playing up to these folks as if they’re so lucky not to have got some ordinary caregiver but one who is above all their true friend. Over the next 3 months these maggots are inside the homes of these rich but helpless burdens on society ripping off small items their victims might not miss right away. Their true purpose is to… Read more »