God and California Thwarts Homo Gay Agenda in San Francisco

Everyone knows that San Francisco is the center of world hedonism as sex in the streets and homogay parades result in traffic jams where rubbernecked citizens are seemingly shocked daily at the carnival of sin that goes on around them. Like Lott in Sodom, the righteous are left to fend off homogay threats to their children’s backsides and their own purity. The gay population has clutched the power base of the community just as a vulture would clutch the heart out of a dead American Eagle’s chest cavity.

But the grace of God has worked a joyous miracle as Gov. Brown has refused to allow a ban on the holy practice of circumcision that the homogay agenda had already instituted. The gay community wants future citizens of their degenerate utopia to grow into full foreskinned adults, the added girth and length of their sin swords would become a juicy new crop to tempt backsides in the same manner that Sodom and Gommorah did years ago in scripture. The ban would also put a heavy burden on the First Amendment freedoms of millions of citizens as their religious practices would be open to the litigation action of greedy eastern liberal lawyers.

But the atheist attempt to curtail the Word of God has been thwarted as HE has guided the Governor’s hand over the veto documents and restored His Almighty Name to the maternity wards of San Francisco where young men’s peni will now be sculpted in the handsome manner of a good civilized man’s penis, a magnificent head and shiny veined base that will remain dormant in his pants when the temptation of masturbation or the homogay agenda threatens. A Godly life involving properly married couples (man and women) to procreate a great race of Christian Crusaders is now possible.

Join me in celebration, my dear friends in God as a great victory has been blessed upon us.

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