Do Not Take The Bad AIDS Challenge

“Our prayers will heal the damage to your soul from life of masturbation, but only time will heal your vagina.” – Brother Doug Pinnic

The fact that masturbation gives you the Gay, is basic Faith Science. And if we learned anything from Tom Cruise’s movie “Philadelphia”, is that unlike famous basketball players, Gays usually get the bad AIDS.

Furthermore, chronic masturbators often resort to drug use in order to cope with guilt and shame associated with trauma of repeated self-rape cycles. It won’t take long before you catch bad AIDS from sharing dirty condoms with homeless junkies of questionable ethnicity.

I once kept a bad AIDS patient alive for almost a year, sustained on nothing but cat milk and religious prayer.  You may not be so lucky.

Together, we can prevent the impending bad AIDS epidemic, child molestation and inter-racial fornication. Stop masturbation. Now.

This message of hope was brought to you by the Homogay Conversion Offices of Nikita Shalavin

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I used to live a lie. I was a leader of a Russian Prison Homogang and have once put a 12 gauge shotgun inside of myself on a dare. Brother Lonnie has saved my soul and shown me a new way to live.

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  1. Wow you seriously think this is how you get aids I am 14 and know more than you. If you have aids, you have aids. If you don’t, you don’t. You can’t give yourself aids. You need 2 or more SEPERATE people who are aid positive to get aids. Emphasis on the SEPERATE because one person isn’t 2 people. You don’t have 2 brains dumbass.

    • Michelle, I have already spoken to you with regards to catching the wrist cancer and SARS from self-rape. We are here to help with your problem, unlike your parents, who seem to be happy that your life will be cut short and you will burn in triple-hell for eternity.


    • Each gay has their own preference in how to spread the AIDS. Michael apparently enjoys inviting two separate HIV-GAYS into his sin holes to ensure the transfer of the sinful virus. Interesting.

  2. Yes, emphasis on “SEPERATE”. You emphasized it so strongly that you misspelled it twice.

    You’re right that no one has two brains, but it does help to have one.

  3. I hope you don’t take my words too harshly. My heart is filled with Lonnie’s love for all the lost who troll this holy netsite. I will pray for your semen-filled soul.

  4. Greetings. My name is Hagvart Ottesen, formerly known as “Angry Aryan Goat Molester”, and I am originally from Norway. I used to play in the band “Satanic Warlust”, but converted to Christianity a few years ago and moved to the Godly USA because Scandinavia is becoming too socialist and atheist. I am no longer a Satanist, but I am still opposed to homosexuality (though I would rather try to save them than stab them these days). I wear my “Asgard” at all times for protection on my conversion missions :). I am now in a Christian metal band called Surrender. Here is a video of me performing a song, warning about the dangers of anal sex and fag marriage: I still need a bassist, drummer, keyboardist and flutist for my band, because I can’t play those instruments very well. If any of you Godly folks here can play any of those intruments, please contact me at Thank you and God bless.

    • Hello Hogwort, nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Sister Truffle and I enjoy singing Lonnie Childs, inspired hymns at masturbators. It sooths the savagery within them. I would be delighted to be a singer for your Holy choir, if ever the opportunity should arise.


  5. Wow. How dare you say something so stupid about gays. Im 13 and im a homosexual athiest. I did choose my religion, but not my sexuallity. I hope whoever nade this a brick wifh a cow on it falls or your head. Cheerio!

      • Ion obviously you’re full of hate I’m not confused I’m gay and I’m going to go have boyfriends and stuff and you guys are focused on stupid things that say nothing about In the bible. Now move along.

        • these people are the most racist an ignorant people, you being gay, whatever doesn’t mean anything it doesn’t define a person and you surely are not going to hell for such. i’m literally looking at all of this website an thinking god wouldn’t want such a hateful an racist kind of people. you people are sick if anyone this burning in so named “triple hell” it’s you people. i’m a believer in not fighting hate with hate but just wow if i continue on this website i might actually put my fist through the wall

          • Being against masturbation is not being “racist.” LOGIC FAIL.
            There are nine Hells, by the way. BRO DO U EVN BOTTICELLI?

    • Well, I guess you are just following a trend (gay and atheist?). If you are not, just wear condoms and be tolerant with these hatefull god wannabes. Stupidity can reach everyone.

  6. You total utter pricks.
    You don’t speak for god or any religion, You are just filled with hate against people who do not want to live life to your weird expectations.

    Masturbation is a normal part of life and has nothing to do with Homosexuality, Child Molestation or Aids and if your that Brain-Washed to believe that then the only place you will be going after death is HELL, and it’s the only place you deserve to be.

    I can honestly say, That god and religion, is about acceptance for all, Its about Loving each other, forgiveness,compassion, and live and let live, Not filling peoples brain’s with the garbage that you idiots call Faith.

    Shame on you, Because you are shaming God, if there ever was one.

  7. That’s ridiculous, young man. You cannot be a homosexualist at the age of 13. It is below the age of consent. If anyone is trying to convince you that you are and tries to do homogay things to you, you need to get away from them, find somewhere safe and report them to the police.

    • You may be me of the stupidest people I’ve ever met. I’ve been gay since I was in my moms vagina. And you are…. Get educated on homosexuality because homosexualist and HOMOGAY aren’t words

      • You have The HomoGay™ , because your mother masturbated during pregnancy. She should be stoned to death for her sinful ways.

      • Who taught you this propaganda? Preferences are essentially choices. It is your choice whether you fancy show tunes or Cher, just as it is your choice whether to give a man a swift kiss on the back of the neck or give him a reacharound. It’s up to you.

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