Have Architects Uncovered the Ancient Town of Saddam?

By: Cassidy Pen, SMN Sclience Reporter

Arabia, Middle East – Newly discovered artifacts from an architectural dig has uncovered what is most likely the ancient birth place of the late despotic Iraqi Ruler, Saddam.

The fiery fate of the doomed city of Saddam has captured the imaginations of archaeologists and world politics wonks for more than a decade. For many years, speculation as to the exact spot of Saddam was debated, but no doubt of the “horror” that “rained down burning sulfur” to punish the city for their wickedness and masturbation ways is contested.

Even the most wicked of non-believing atheist scholars won’t deny that the site was the scene of a “dramatic” and “seemingly supernatural” disaster.

Since 2005, an archaeological site was excavated in the southern Arabia providence of el-handjõb.

Recently a powerful city-state during the Early and Middle Bronze Ages was unearthed to reveal a fascinating spectacle.


Saddam, shown here in a masturbatory trance after a Grateful Dead concert.

Evidence of a massive defensive wall, a palatial structure and a gateway complex that dates back to the Middle Bronze Age was found. Evidence that the wall was purposely erected to keep out the religious converts and early anti-masturbation crusaders has been validated through faith science networks and confirmed after close meticulous examination by the Foundation for a Better Tomorrow.

Saddam is the largest city east of the “Kickarsh” province. “Kickarsh” is an Arabic word that describes the safe haven of self rapists and despots in that corner of the world. It is not a wild postulation to conclude that this is the birthplace of Saddam.

There can no longer be any doubt left that the town, located in areas North, South, East, and somewhat West of the Deadhead Sea, is the birthplace of Saddam. That band has been promoting the masturbation lifestyle for years.

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