I’ve Masturbated and Can’t Get it Up

(StopMasturbationNOW)—I’m going to get right to this one. Masturbation is the number one cause of sexual dysfunction and impotence. When a male first has sex he is usually too ready, premature ejaculation can happen because he is excited and it is all so new. Over time this naturally corrects itself and eventually the man has the opposite problem where erections and ejaculations are harder to achieve. This is the natural state of biology some is physical and some is mental. However, it can become concerning when your preference for pornography starts to get the better of you. Many compulsive masturbators do not know how to overcome porn addiction, leading to negative effects on the body and the mind.

Unfortunately masturbation and pornography speed along this natural deterioration. When one masturbates to pornography their needs get met immediately and frequently, physical and mental boredom set in. Eventually what started off as relatively normal pornography like what you find on videos hd has to gradually push the envelope into more and more kinky and specialized pornography to achieve the same level of excitement.

Pornography sets unrealistic and sometimes illegal expectations
Pornography sets unrealistic and sometimes illegal expectations

When this happens a masturbator’s sexual partner will usually find themselves unable to provide the same level of stimulation the pornography provides. It may be an unrealistic body type, deviant behavior, or even lack of the proper genitals to provide the masturbator with what he now craves. Usually this is where the masturbator seeks pleasure outside of marriage including with homosexuals, transgender, even animals. Unfortuanatley many take the next (and illegal) step into sexual crimes.

Remember when you masturbate you hurt yourself and the ones you love. Masturbation is self-rape.

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      • lmao highest quality

        “Unfortuanatley many take the next (and illegal) step into sexual crimes”
        jfc this grammar i can’t even

        “You can be confidant”

  1. I had a family member that was transgender. In the state he was in, gay marriage was legal. Though he said he was woman, his true self was still man. On his day of marriage, god stiked him dead for his gay-transgender marriage. God knows best and so does Lonnie. Pray the gay away

    • Preach it! And pray the jews and blacks away as well! Lord knows I sure do!
      Amen brother! Yeehaw cow

      • I completly agree Hitler Was Right, Every night before i go to sleep i make sure to pray all the jews and black away to rid this earth of evil, you should try visiting Blackgenocide.org it has alot of usefull information on it

        • I know a way that can help rid the world of corruption and evilness
          Simply go to this website and get some inspiration on how to purify the world!
          It is helpful and my kids frequent the site whenever they get home from their Catholic Schooling!

          – Carol

  2. Hahah were you all born this retarded or did you suffer a serious accident?

    Genuinely hilarious article guys please continue producing your top level satire!

  3. Transgenders are just wrong, I live in a small town in Texas and we recently passed a self sodomy ordinance to stop transgenders from reproducing.

  4. I don’t think that masturbating is self-rape at all. I enjoy masturbating and I don’t feel serious pain while doing it.

  5. not that I am asking, but do you have the best contact number for the transgenders? I would like to make sure the never pleasure anyone again…

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