8 Comments on Masturbator Unleashes Firenado!

    • How the heck do you know what this “god” guy made a firenado, or “satan” or whatever. The guy was unsafe around a fire and it spread. Masturbation doesn’t cause fire. My bedroom isn’t in flames.

  1. I was there,

    I was walking through the charred remains and kicked something solid. Turns out it was the pickup truck cigarette lighter,

    I’ll be damned.

  2. Having spent a few hours in Florida once, I can tell you it’s a dirty swamp filled with masturbators.

  3. Wait. That pic is edited. I can prove it to you. The flames are not colors of real flames and are a mistake from the editor.

  4. I live in Florida, you sir, have not been to Florida. While we do have swamps, most of our lands are woods, and urban areas.

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