Pictures of People Watching a 19 Year old Girl Masturbate

(StopMasturbationNOW)—There is nothing in the universe more disgusting or selfish than female masturbation. To prove this point we got a $50,000 grant from the Federal Government and The Foundation for a Better Tomorrow.

Nothing is more true than someone’s natural instinct and immediate reaction. So we exposed 100 people to a 1 minute clip of an attractive 19 year old female masturbating the results were intense. In the end we had 6 people forced to seek medical assistance and one person suffered a mild coronary incident.


This experienced was conducted under controlled conditions by trained faithfact personnel. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME


8 Comments on Pictures of People Watching a 19 Year old Girl Masturbate

  1. Derr. This whole Site and Organisation is fake. The hilarious joke of a bunch of Uni Prats, I’m guessing.

    But it is bloody funny and I cannot believe how many Religious zealots have got on board!

    But I gotta go and jerk off now …

  2. I think I’ll go watch some porn now, perhaps a hot young lady masturbating. Sounds like the perfect thing right now…

  3. 1) these are obviously staged, or stolen from elsewhere
    2) nobody gets that kind of reaction watching porn
    3) lets say if these r real, y would u expose the innocents with a porno video. It’s like letting a 16 yr old try drugs. Now they r gonna want more!

  4. Even by SMN’s very low standards this is pathetic. This entire sight should be shut down, as the joke ceased to be funny a LONG time ago. Btw “Lonnie Childs” blows goats

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