Siberian Village Lost Due To Asian Masturbation’s Impact On Global Environment

So long primitives of Ygmahiltusk, you probably will be missed.

Whoa! Would you get a load of that sinkhole?


An entire village in Siberia has been swallowed into a huge crater, and masturbation is definitely the cause, leading Faithscientists say.

Leading Faithclimatetologist, Dr Skippy Enis, recently involved in an atomic meltdown explosion at B.L.U.F.F Graphcenter , and fresh from life saving surgery, explains the situation in a phone interview from the recovery room of St. Lonald Hospital: ” Huh? Y’all here again? Y’all have homes? Seriously, do y’all ever go home? ” Said Dr Enis. ” Oh yeah, that big ol’ snow-hole. yeah. Masturbation. Yes. Can I go to sleep now? ”

Faithscientists at B.L.U.F.F. and The Foundation For A Better Tomorrow have sent drones to the hole and found it to be composed of mostly ice and mud, ruling out a meteor, or incendiary Communist Death-Ray. Leading researchers at both institutions agree the village of Ygmahiltusk simply melted into the ground, killing an entire tribe of savage primitives. It appears, that a mere two degree increase in the area’s annual temperature, caused the permafrost the backwards savages built their settlement upon, to simply melt, and become swallowed by the Earth.

Well, TBH, building your Wigwams on ice was pretty stupid...
Well, TBH, building your Wigwams on ice was pretty stupid…

B.L.U.F.F researchers have concluded this is 89% likely to have been caused by increases in Pacific Ocean temperature, caused by the over 9000 billion gallons of semen dumped annually into the ocean, by the country of Japan.

The government of Japan has refused all attempts at interviews, and refuses to give a statement, leading to the only rational conclusion: It is their fault because they are a nation of Earth-hating Masturbators.

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    • But Truffle, masturbation will kill no matter where it is committed. We need to stop the self rapers before something like this hit closer to home.

      • So true, Brother Faithgasming. I was feeling a little hormonal when I dispatched the comment, without thinking. Typical lesser gendered. I will take my leave to the menstrual hut.

        Lonnie Bless you!

          • It certainly is, Brother. I am Director of Cat Milking Facilities – BLUFF. That is my top milking cat, Buffy. She can churn out 1 1/2 gallons on a good day.

          • I would be very interested in visiting your cat milking facilities as we have a lot of cats on my farm that we milk. Praise to you and all at the facility!

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  1. First pearl harbour know this, what evil depraved thing will these asians commit next? At least it was a bunch of sin loving communists that they killed.

  2. The oceans around Japan are hard to navigate because of the high semen content. My father always had to do a ton of repairs and sometimes even use extra fortifications on his ships whenever he had to travel out that way.

  3. Jesus said that you should enjoy your life and stop worrying
    and also whats wrong with you conservative people you are all so ashamed of your body

    are you ashamed of what the almighty has given you
    be proud of sex and masturbation ,masturbate everyday and every night its part of gods plan have sex everyday and night too its what he had intended

    like what use are your reproductive organs if you wont use it

    sex is OK as long as you handle it maturely and smartly

    • You are a discustarding pervert! Coition should only be performed for procreation, lasting no more than 3 minutes, in the missionary position – as God intended.

      Coition is NOT for fun.
      Masturbation is WRONG.
      Lesser-gendereds ‘O’ is a MYTH.

      Have I made myself clear?

      Praying AT you.

      • You can pray AT us all you want.

        All those “rules” are from the old testament. Back when humans died before they turned 25 in most cases. As soon as your period started you’d be declared a woman and married off.

        And as a clearly superior FEMALE I can tell you I enjoy sex and masterbation. Sessions with myself and my fiancee are never shorter than 25 minutes, and as a woman I most certainly do orgasm. I cum. I get off. I get up there and ride his cock till we are both spent. Coitus is for fun, not just procreation. My body is a temple and I shall treat it as such.

  4. Lets all say 2 snail marys…..we mean well but it takes us a long time getting there….its an age thing. Happy bonking

  5. Your all stupid as fuck, Your dumb and should seriously seek some mental help, If you suppose this website or any of it’s views your dumb and need to go back to logic school, where you learn basic common fucking sense. The semen dumped from japan fuels the economy because of how much the porn industry brings in, thus allowing for more industries to make us cheaper products because they are doing so well, Enjoy your electronics? stop complaining about masturbation, the 2% degree rise didn’t cause that millions of years of the earth churning caused that big of a sink hole. stop being stupid. just stop, all of you stop it! seriously, go fuck yourselfs literally!

  6. Ryan, your grammar and spelling really suck. One of of the first signs of self rape. What in the hell does semen and electronics have in common? Looked at labels lately? All that shit comes from China. And if millions of years of earth churning caused that sinkhole, why did it happen right now, when more people than ever are stroking their mules? A self sin sinkhole, if I’ve ever seen one.

  7. Okay, the first photo was of a sinkhole, that may even be a mine entrance or something, but is nowhere near big enough to engulf a city. The second photo, was of a chasm or something, that looks like it had been there for years. Keep this bullshit up and I will find you, and I will end you with OOOOOOOOONE PUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!!!!! (3,2,1,Killshot)

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