Study: Femanists File Rape Claims at Higher Rates than Normal Women honest and wide ranging study of rape complaints in American society

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In the years since the so called “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s, the topic of sexual promiscuity and the line separating it from undesired advances and ultimately, assault, has blurred. What was once a playful slap on the rump of the tight-skirted secretary is now grounds for sanction, reprimand, or dismissal in the American workplace. Cleavage and various scented perfumes have become a calculated trap which threatens both the professional and instinctual manner in which the American male conducts himself. The denial of such primitive urges has caused a conflict with the male mind and thus, American culture as a whole.

A recent study has determined that claims of rape increase causally when in comparison with a number of factors, the least being actual rape. Major factors which determine the occasion of rape complaint include the woman’s political leanings, sexual preference, attractiveness (self worth), frequency of sex, and a number of lessor factors including race/ethnicity, religious upbringing, and financial status.

The Wyoming Institute of Technology (W.I.T.) has concluded their findings based on a survey of over 20,000 police reports and interviews in areas throughout the nation. These include both reports that have led to convictions and those dismissed or withdrawn from court by the complainant or judge. Reports range from actual rape and sexual assault complaints to workplace harassment and various behaviors not advancing to the level of assault, but still supposedly not permitted in the new post revolution society that the 60’s has forged. Whistling, making lewd gestures and telling locker room style jokes make up a share of such reports identified and pursued with litigation in the range of this massively inclusive study. Some cases were settled out of court.

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