Thigh Gap and Masturbation

Most men and gay females find the thigh gap irresistible

(StopMasturbationNOW)–It is well known that men prefer women with a thigh gap. The thigh gap is a symbol of innocence and purity as the willingness and readiness to procreate are visibly seen.

full_sizeUnfortunately  masturbation causes a buildup of fat and muscle around the thigh area from an overage of orgasms. This buildup hides the thigh gap and makes women seem less desirable to potential Christian mates.

Fathers, it is important that you talk to your daughters about masturbation and to remind them that masturbation makes them unattractive to potential husbands.


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  1. Also the build up of orgasm fat can cause friction and chaffing when wearing shorts thus resulting in an unsightly rash. Rashes around the scrotal zone is a sign of bad health. Bad health is a sign of impurity. Impurity is a sure sign of unchristian activity and unchristian activity is a sign they have left Jesus and sided with the devil.

    Orgasm fat = Red & itchy devils whore

    Thigh gap = Pure, clean and ready for procreation

  2. You people are fucking retarted THIS DOES NOT MEAN SHIT if you don’t have a thigh gap that means you are eating poorly!! God the ignoreance of you people

  3. Thigh gaps have everything to do with pelvis width and nothing to do with masturbation. You don’t see your husbands/sons/brothers dick get fat when he jacks off son hey are you shameing women? This is notbscunecabd the writer and those who believe this article need to go back to elementary school.

      • Lonnie, are you going to post details about the circle jerk? I am really looking forward to having you or one of the other boys touch my sin stick while i touch yours or one of theirs. Then we can all shoot off our first load, cathy REDMOUND can clean up, using her tongue of course, and truffle can revive our sin sticks and then we can get down to the business of exploring each other’s sin caves for the rest of the night. Oohh my anus is quivering with anticipation.


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