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What Girls Masturbate to Compared to Guys May Shock you (Photos) – Stop Masturbation Now

What Girls Masturbate to Compared to Guys May Shock you (Photos)

(StopMasturbationNow)—Some pornography is more obvious than others. If you see two girls enjoying a buck cake you are definitely watching pornography. But parents did you know that your daughter looking at cat photos on myspace could be just as bad or worse? Recent studys show more girls masturbate to pictures of things like wedding dresses, clothed men, and animals than guys do to things like 2 girls 1 can.


Here are some examples.


As you see, the pictures on the left seem innocent, but your wife or daughter is probably fingering her sin cave to images just like these.

What can you do as a husband or father to keep the woman in your house from masturbating?

1, Buy flip phones instead of smart phones.
2, Lock up family photos.
3, Remove doors from hinges in house.
4, Monitor and supervise animal interactions.
5, Home schooling..
6, No sex ed education until Marriage.


Parents, stay vigilant, better times willl come.

25 Comments on What Girls Masturbate to Compared to Guys May Shock you (Photos)

  1. Oh. I sincerely hope there aren’t people idiotic enough to believe this. Thanks for giving me a good laugh though.

  2. I’m a bisexual female and I can confirm 100% that I get my diddlies done by looking at nonerotic photos of corgis wearing sweater vests. Amen

  3. Case in point: my neighbor’s granddaughter has been caught pleasuring herself while studying the Arizona Constitution!

  4. I’ve looked at your website and must say it is good for a laugh and that is it. Other that that it is completely fictional and the void of factual evidence. But is clearly filled with your extremely biased filled opinion

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