5 Memers To Help Spread Lonnie’s Word

From time to time Lonnie asks us to share memers on His netsite to better spread the word to your friends and loved normals. Here is another installment of five memers that help spread the love and joy that Lonnie brings all of us each and every day. Print them out and share them with your prayer group, with the man who drives your bus to work or with law enforcement officers on their lunch break. You can also download these memers to your A: drive and take the floppy disc to the library and share the memers on other netsites.

Click each memer for a larger, printable version.


5. Lonnie’s Watchers


4. Praise Lonnie In The Hallway


3. True Love Comes From Lonnie


2. Kneel Before Lonnielonnie-kneel2

1. Lonnie, Help Me To Control My Tongue


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Cathy Redmond is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, earning degrees in English and Political Science. She likes long walks in the desert, strong Conservative leadership and America.

8 Comments on 5 Memers To Help Spread Lonnie’s Word

  1. Thank you for these memers, Sister Cathy. You have made the internet a little better today! Praise! Meanwhile, the filthy liberals and masturbators are doing their darndest to make the world wideweb a filthy, depraved place. A literal Hell on Earth!

    • If some aren’t important, try doing all the jobs women do and try having children without women you sexist bible bashing pig.
      I pray AT you in hope you see that god and Jesus don’t want you hating/belittling/demeaning women. Do you think Jesus and god hate women? *if god and Jesus and whatever even existed* no. They have the bloody courteousy to not be a sexist idiot and call women “lesser-gendered”. Maybe you should actually learn from them and all of the bible instead of cherry picking the stuff you want to believe and leave the stuff that doesn’t suit you.
      As hard as it is to believe, I am a male so you must do as I say if I am the superior sex *which I am not. Women and men are equal as we cannot work without eachother if you haven’t noticed. * also, before you call me a “non normal masturbator”, I don’t. I am also a Christian. Try and beat me now!!

      • Lesser-gendereds and superior men folk are equal? HAHAHAHA thanks for the laugh masturhater! You are naive and deluded and have much to learn.

  2. You are the reason why feminism exists. You are the reason I support it. Why are you belittling women over something they can’t choose? I didn’t choose to be male. They didn’t choose to be female. If everyone could choose their gender, I bet a lot of people would want to be male so they don’t get judged by idiots like you, and that would be a pain in the ass *pun intended*. It is just like racism: why discriminate people over something they can’t choose? No one can choose their race or where they are born or their gender. It makes me sad that people like you would make women *who are the reason WHY YOU EXIST* feel bad about something they have no decision over. But, women will rise one day be equal whether you like it or not. Your whining about how women are unclean and all that other absolute bullshit won’t make a difference but only make us stronger. I know exactly what women go through everyday since I used to be an idiot who thought women were not as powerful but that all changed. No matter how dumb you think I am, I will always continue to support feminism and equality. I know I am doing the right thing. Also, Australia had their first woman prime minister *the only reason I am proud to be Australian* it’s already happening so get with the times you sexist bigot. Praying at you.

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