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Hello, my name is Lonald "Lonnie" Childs and I am the founder and president of the STOP Masturbation NOW anti-masturbation movement. Please visit my Facebook page here, https://www.facebook.com/LonnieSMN and my unaccredited institution of higher learning here, https://www.facebook.com/brotherlonnie
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47 Comments on A Fourth of July Faithfact!

  1. You all are retarded religious idiots, your worse than the Mormons and that is pretty hard to beat! Congrats dummies!!

    • with a name like Bronco_lover I bet you’ve fooled around with larger animals before, even committing acts of self-rape upon yourself while thinking of horses. It is wrong and hurts the animals soul. My you find peace my friend. Praise!

    • These people are clearly high off something real strong to actually believe this shit, and no it’s not GOD it’s most likely drugs, or there being drugged.

  2. These people are geniuses. The people who run this site are the biggest trolls in the world. Please teach me your ways of trolling.

  3. Hello and I am the real Lonnie Childs. This is all a hoax and am a dumb dumb poopy head, i do masturbate all the time because I’m a hypocrite, durrrr I touch myself and hail satan derp derp derpity derp I’m a smelly poopy head

  4. This website has got to be one of the best trolls I’ve ever seen. Wow. Congratulations guys, this took some real time and effort. Had me going for a good 20 minutes.

    • It hurts my spirit to know that you’ve been self-raping others for 20 minutes. Is that before or after you had an affair with yourself? This is the agenda of BIG MASTURBATION. Let us pray..

  5. Uh… yeah, actually, you can masturbate with both hands holding the flag. Just, make sure you do the washing after.

  6. I live in New Zealand, can you suggest a place where I can order an American flag to hold in order to avoid masturbating please? Praying for a masturbation free world!

    • I would try looking in various tourist ‘hot spots’ around your capital’s CBD. The reason I say this is because Christ-fearing moral Americans are rarely comfortable purchasing another country’s flag, much less holding one – and so there is bound to be a goodly quantity of the old stars and stripes so that American tourists can purchase American flags in order to display their patriotism while in your foreign country. 🙂

  7. This has got to be a troll. This whole website is extremely discriminatory. All it is, is a bunch of sexist, homophobic, racist pigs coming together to find validation for their beliefs

  8. i just don’t understand why they use pictures of naked girls covered up by the american flag to stop people from pleasuring themselves…
    I’m sure quite a few people have jacked off to those pics

  9. Yes, yes you can… in fact it’s not (well IT is hard) hard to do… in fact, it catches the mess and saves on tissues/toilet paper… so here’s to another ridiculous post from the religious zealots.

  10. While abstaining from self-rape, my mind is open to so much more meaningful blessings the Lord provides. Instead of giving into the dark pleasures of Satan while listening to my Samsung iPod, I realize that Faithfacts are a fun way to teach self-molestors the true calling intended by our Savior on the America day! Praise Lonnie, Halleluerr!

  11. it’s because of dumb people like you that the human race stopped evolving . get a brain for christ’s sake ! (i’m an atheist but okay) people like you died centuries ago . would you guys mind leaving the world be and let us continue evolving ?

  12. Evolving does not mean listanin to your stupid Samsung iPods givin in to some self-incest. Evolvin means that that you purify yourself, and I reckan that you Cathie did not have a superior male to tell you your role. I pray for you and your molested holy parts. Praise!

    • 1 – samsung ipod ? 2 – i dont ”listan” to it and masturbate . 3 – its not self-incest . 4 – it does not mean you purify yourself . 5 – i did have a superior male , so shut up before saying shit 6 – ”telling me my role” has nothing to do with this . this is non sense -.-

  13. Hey, I’m not American. I see no reason why I should be holding the American flag. So I’ll just go ahead and rape myself. Aren’t Christians supposed to not judge. I thought that was up to Saint Peter? Oh, and you know other countries believe in God too, right? Self-righteous American douchebags.. Every time I read about God online, it’s like you guys think you have monopoly on the guy. God bless America. Dumbest shit I ever heard.

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