Black Football Fan Steals Gift from Nice White Girls

(StopMasturbationNOW)—People from New Orleans are terrible people. They build their homes below sea level and then when they get flooded they whine and complain and expect people the rest of the country to rebuild their homes. Well today in a nice football game against the Cincinnati Bengals a New Orleans Saints fan elbowed another fan and stole a ball.
Halfway through the third quarter at the New Orleans Saints Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Jermaine Gresham, the tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals, caught a one-yard touchdown pass.

After he jumped over the end-zone wall, Gresham noticed two female Cincinnati Bengal fans who pleaded for the ball.

Jermaine strolled up the stands and gestured to a young woman his intention of throwing her the football he just caught.

Neither Gresham nor the two female Bengals fans noticed a black Saints fan, wearing a Saints jersey sitting in the front row.

As soon as the ball left Jermaine’s fingers, as he underhanded the ball and it wobbled towards the direction of the two female fans, the Saints fan jumped up, elbowed one of the women trying to catch the ball, out-muscled her, and snatched the ball away.

The Saints fan smirked as he nestled the ball under his arm and sat down

The Saints did lose the game and stop Masturbation now has learned the name of the fan is Tony Williams.

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  1. I’m glad God punished the team for the uncouth action of their fan. It seems God is typically quite busy punishing New Orleans for many things.

  2. “black girls”
    “nice white girls”
    Jesus doesn’t like racists you know. 🙂

    He does, however like to masturbation 🙂

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