Lonnie Childs Officially Declares Bruce Jenner Male… Pope to Follow Suit

(StopMasturbationNOW)—It’s funny how liberals always turn to science to disprove religion and conservative issues. From the scopes monkey trial to evolution, liberals trot out piece of scientific evidence after piece of scientific evidence. It’s funny how all that science goes away when it suits them. Despite everything about biology, liberals own evolution, natural selection etc.. that proves gender and heterosexual issues, liberals seem intent on saying gender is not biological but mental. People can decide to be one, both, either, or even no gender if they “feel like it”

84210905_16x9_992Well this week noted decathlete gold medalist star of the Kardashian television show Brice Jenner decided he was a female named Caitlyn Jenner.

However Dr Lonnie Childs, leader and founder of SMN Industries, is not having any of it. “I hereby declare Bruce Jenner to be a biological male now and forever. All my followers are instructed to refer to him as a male and to use only male pronouns and references when discussing him. I call on all other religious leaders to make the same declaration”

“Lonnie Child’s declaration will carry a lot of weight” says Richard Carrigan head of religious studies at the Wyoming Institute of Technology. “His Financial empire has grown substantially in the last couple years other religious leaders often look to emulate his success. I would expect the Pope to make a similar statement within the next couple of days”

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  1. I find this to be the best source of comedy, I mean who ever writes these articles your spoof of conservatives is brilliant, these articles are priceless

  2. What the fucking shit? Caitlyn deserves respect beyond what anyone on this fucking site can muster. SHE, yes, she, deserves just as much respect as anyone else. Anyone who says otherwise is disgusting.

    • Alisha please, i beg of you, for the sake of your unborn kids, dont reproduce. simple. just swallow more. because i can allready tell you’re a dumb cunt, your parents are dumb cunts and guess what your kids are gonna be. SHE became the best looking women in the K. family, yes, but she’s a man. will always be a man. no point in argueing. why bother with a nutjob?? but i guess that you, beeing an american, are doomed to be retarded.

      • Will, if you’re going to call people stupid, let me correct your mistakes because you obviously don’t have the mental capacity to do it yourself. *Don’t reproduce, all sentences need to start with a capital letter, you don’t start a sentence with the word “because,” and people that call each other retarded when in an argument, are generally less intelligent than their peers. It has also been proven time and time again that intelligence has nothing to do with race or nationality. So either you need to check your facts, or you’re just racist. People who are racist are generally less intelligent.

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