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screenshot via YouTube/NiseethTV

A World Gone Mad: Indian Women Advocate Masturbation

A horrifying glimpse into the unrestrained masturbation practices of the average lesser gendered member of Indian society was unceremoniously leaked onto the internet a few days ago. The video, an abomination even with its short 2 minute and 39 second run time, features several young, Indian lesser gendereds admitting to […]

by March 21, 2015 3 comments Big Masturbation, World
New “Wank Band” Looking for “Beater Testers”

New “Wank Band” Looking for “Beater Testers”

WARNING: Explicit Content. Please remove women, children, and other weak-minded individuals from the room. Make sure your computer or Bing device speakers are turned down. [youtube] More HERE

by February 27, 2015 25 comments Big Masturbation
WWE Releases Shameful Masturbation Fodder Video On YouTube

WWE Releases Shameful Masturbation Fodder Video On YouTube

World Wrestling Entertainment sunk to a new low this weekend when they released a three-minute, forty seconds long video titled “Royal Rumble Match: WWE Royal Rumble 2014”. While on the surface it may appear that this is just the sports entertainment contest named in the title, unfortunately, it is nothing […]

by February 21, 2015 3 comments Sports
Miley Cyrus. (image source: By Rob Sinclair [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Lonnie Childs Prevents New Miley Cyrus Film From Being Screened

Brother Lonnie has done it again! A pro-masturbation film festival in the den of sin, New York City, had scheduled to screen a video featuring the Big Masturbation sex android herself, Miley Cyrus. Thanks to your prayers and Brother Lonnie’s tireless efforts, it has now been confirmed that the Big […]

by February 13, 2015 6 comments Big Masturbation, Celebrity, Lonnie Childs
Internets Meems Warning!

Internets Meems Warning!

WARNING: Do not be tricked by certain internets meems. Some may appear to be spiritual and comforting, my dear friends in Christ through Brother Lonnie, but they are merely a ploy by Big Masturbation to promote self rape. Take this one, for instance. Note the nasty underbelly to this filth. […]

by January 31, 2015 13 comments Family Values
Spiders are evil.

Is the “Halo” gaming franchise promoting Self-Rape?

Here is what the Liberal lies claim about this “game” on Wikipedia(a known Communist site): “In the distant past, a powerful race called the Forerunners fought an alien parasite known as the Flood. The Flood, which spread through infestation of sentient life, overran much of the Milky Way Galaxy. One […]

by January 20, 2015 24 comments Big Masturbation
Miley Cyrus. (image source: By Rob Sinclair [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Miley Cyrus Is A Big Masturbation Sex Android

It should come as no surprise that the Miley Cyrus brand has taken a turn down Satan’s path over the past four years of her troubled music career. In fact, author David Henderson even theorizes in his upcoming book that Miley Cyrus was replaced by a double in 2010. Mr. […]

by January 19, 2015 7 comments Celebrity
Disturbing Video: Panda Caught Self-raping

Disturbing Video: Panda Caught Self-raping

The Wicked Wildlife Federation, in association with agents from Big Masturbation have released a disturbing video. The grainy, shaking, out-of-focus footage shows a psychotic panda with glazed eyes, oblivious to the world, shaking his sin stick with vigor and reckless abandon until streams of seedy ejaculate are squirted into the air with […]

by October 21, 2014 10 comments Animals
The Finger Sniff Test-Where Non-Normal Arguments Fail

The Finger Sniff Test-Where Non-Normal Arguments Fail

B.L.U.F.F. – My Dear Friends in Christ, you have been recently enlightened on this Holy Webpage with guidelines to prevent masturbation in your young daughter’s life. The B.L.U.F.F. Finger Sniff Test was presented with the blessings of the Faith Facts Eldership. It has also been proven to be a most […]

by October 6, 2014 19 comments Self-Rape Prevention
Merriam-Webster's newest word: FAPSTINENCE.  Praise!

Merriam-Webster Adds Anti-Masturbation Word to Their Dictionary : FAPSTINENCE

After months of lobbying, we here at STOP Masturbation NOW are proud to announce a major victory over the powerful forces of Big Masturbation and enemies of God-given morals everywhere!  Praise!  The good folks at Merriam-Webster have added the word “Fapstinence” to their dictionary, acknowledging all of the hard work […]

by August 28, 2014 8 comments Lexicon
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