Masturbation Causes Increase in Yellowstone Caldera Volcanic Activity

July 30, 2014 19


The Yellowstone super volcano is due for the largest eruption ever seen in the 8,000 year history of the Earth, and masturbation is definitely the causes, say leading Faithvolcanologists.

MRFP particles in the area contributed to this disaster, or will contribute, rather. As it’s gonna happen.

Masturbation, long conclusively proven to be causing Global Warmings, is now known to be hydraulically super-heating the Yellowstone magma and turbo-charging it’s hot-spot plume.

Masturbation residue film particles (MRFP) have been […]

TheRev Leroy Jenkins live at UCLA Campus

July 25, 2014 13

I love taking the Stop Masturbation Now message to the Liberal Bastions of the HomoGay Big Masturbation Institutions of Higher Learning and the Self-Raping Liberal youths enrolled there.

TheRev bathing the masturbaters in his Golden Shower of Truth

Today was an especially good day as I beat down the HomoGay Self-Rapist Matt Walker with the good word and bathed him in the Golden Shower of Truth about the sin of Masturbation and what is truly means to be a Normal.

God […]

World’s Oldest Man Dies After Masturbating For First Time

July 25, 2014 71

Morris Browder had seen a lot in his 115 years on God’s Earth. He lived through the first World War. He lived through the liberal created Great Depression. He lived through the non-normals attacking Hawaii in the 1940s. He even lived through the wars of non-normal aggression in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iraq. As he got older, Morris was often asked what his secret to longevity was and he had a simple answer. “I always smoke one pack of […]

Faithfact #448 – T-Rex’s Short Arms

July 24, 2014 17

Faith Fact #448



The mighty dragon, T-Rex, once had arms like that of a man but was PUNISHED by God for masturbating and cursed with the short arms he now has

Masturbation Linked to Higher Crime Rates

July 15, 2014 6

Safford, AZ


Breaking news from the groundbreaking think tank Foundation For a Better Tomorrow. Masturbation has been seen to have a direct causation into incarceration rates and criminal activity. The study was done over a multi-year period, supervised by the best Faith Scientists on the BLUFF campus.


It seems as though FaithFacts have now proved that the act of self-rape is not only incestuous and an act of homosexuality, it is a leading cause of crime in the United States.

Funding was derived […]

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