Is the “Halo” gaming franchise promoting Self-Rape?

January 20, 2015 24

A screenshot from the “Halo” gaming franchise. This one comes from “Mass Effect 2”.

Here is what the Liberal lies claim about this “game” on Wikipedia(a known Communist site):
“In the distant past, a powerful race called the Forerunners fought an alien parasite known as the Flood. The Flood, which spread through infestation of sentient life, overran much of the Milky Way Galaxy. One of the races affected was humanity, who came into conflict with the Forerunners. Exhausted by their war […]

Deaths Lead to Job Openings for Lucky Ladies at B.L.U.F.F.

January 3, 2015 2

As many of you know, we have recently lost Sister Keegan to an unfortunate accident involving a hay bailer and a feral hog. We all loved AnnMarie dearly, and her presence will be greatly missed in the daily activities on the Campound. AnnMarie was scheduled to be assigned to a fitting husband soon – so look to your daughters for volunteers to take her place.
In addition, Sister O-Reilly has also gone missing – we are assuming that she has been […]

Brother Lonnie Approves New Program For Converted Homogays

December 23, 2014 10

As a former homogay I spend many a restless night thinking back on my past lascivious lifestyle while praying long and hard to fight the temptations to return to the homogay cabal. After fifteen minutes of rest I begin praying long and hard again. As I was gripped in the throes of feverish, sweaty prayer I realized there was a way to fight the urges and test my commitment to Christ and Brother Lonnie’s teachings.

Brother Lonnie in his infinite wisdom […]

Christians Win the War on Christmas For the 2014th Consecutive Year

December 22, 2014 7

Happy Holidays Merry CHRISTmas!  For the 2014th consecutive year, Christians have DESTROYED atheist masturbators to ensure that Christmas will once again happen right on schedule!  Praise!  Hey liberals, why don’t you grab your ridiculous Festivus pole, hitch a ride on your absurd Flying Spaghetti Monster and move to Cuba while the rest of us celebrate the Reason for the Season with our families and open up presents by the CHRISTmas tree!       

Sorry, libtards, maybe next year!

It was an easy victory, really.  With Faith Warriors like […]

I Was Self-Raped

December 21, 2014 49


The sad fact of the matter is, no one asks to be self-raped. You don’t wake up in the morning, and say “Hey, maybe I’ll violate myself today, that’d be great.” Self-rape happens. Here we have the chilling confession of a self-rape survivor, who wished to remain anonymous.

“I was self-raped. I was self-raped, and through Lonnie Child’s Redemption, I was saved, but that’s not what I want to talk about, I want to relate the graphic detail of just how […]

Masturbation Prevention

November 28, 2014 22

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?” 1 Corinthians 6:19 NAS

Today’s culture loves to promote the lie that we own our body and God is cool with us misusing it. However, in the Bible, God says our body is His temple and He’s not cool with us misusing it. Unfortunately, most people disobey God and […]

You Are Cordially Invited…

November 22, 2014 23

Paula Austin awaiting her Holy Wedding Day in the Purity Cage.

You are cordially invited, that’s right, the entire Internet is invited, to celebrate the Holy Matrimony of my Brother Myron Danus to his Lonnie-approved, Same Race Assigned Spouse, Paula Austin, on Friday December 12th at 6pm.

The best picture I could find of Myron. Sorry ladies, his Fedora only tips for Paula Austin now.

The wedding ceremony itself will be a private function for family and friends at the B.L.U.F.F. compound […]

Thursday Sermon

November 20, 2014 13

I’m sad to report that lately this holy netsite has been besieged by vicious masturbators who’ve resorted to personal attacks, foul language, threats of physical violence, pro-masturbation memes and displays of anti-social behavior in general.  I pray at these people daily…

“Lord, please provide us the strength to repel these hateful people with the Truth about self-rape.  May your golden shower of love and forgiveness rain down upon them, cleaning their souls of sin. All we want is to live in […]

Save Masturbators From Hell This Halloween!

October 31, 2014 24

Today is Halloween and while most moral Christians will be hunkered down in their homes with their children, Bibles and guns clutched close, the secular world will send their children up to stranger’s doors begging for handouts like the Obama-Socialist zombies they are. This year, we fight back! As Christians, we are called upon by God to spread His Holy Word to the unsaved so we must look at this otherwise wicked day as an opportunity from On High! Like […]

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