Is Menstruation a Sin?

July 8, 2014 56

Dear TheRev Leroy Jenkins,  I learned long ago in my formative years while matriculating at St. Pia Zadora Catholic Prep School that every sperm is sacred, thus masturbation is a mortal sin. However, it begs the question; Is menstruation also a sin since the ovum is wasted?  Sincerely,    Arthur Leon Vitasek

By: TheRev Leroy Jenkins

Dear Art, For some reason your name rings a bell, where you ever a Scout Master in Arizona? Anyhow, according to the King Lonald Version Holy […]

Declare your Independence from The Sin of Masturbation

July 4, 2014 31

By: TheRev Leroy Jenkins

Miami, FL.  In 2004 most people had given up on Fanny Diddle, homeless, destitute,  addicted to pot-weed injections, doing bong hits of ellis dee,  listening to Nickelback, and self raping for Snow Mexican Tourist on South Beach.  She was a lost cause and written off by society.

She was barely 3 years out of Spiro Agnew High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana and her life had become a living hell. In 2001 she was a wide eyed innocent […]

The Menstrual Hut; The Holy Solution to Female Masturbation, Menstruation, Insolence, and Feminist Lies.

July 3, 2014 63

By: TheRev Leroy Jenkins

Many a screeching lesser sex feminist accuse our Church of abusing women by sending her to the Menstrual Hut during her unclean menstruation. As a Superior Sex Normal Race Holy Man, I know only what the lord teaches us about dealing with the lesser sex, it is my God given duty to guide her in her subservience, maintain her demure demeanor, and nurture her weak soul so that she may bathe in the Golden Shower of Eternal Salvation.

The Menstrual […]

Gosling Furious Over McAdams On Set Masturbation

July 2, 2014 10

LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. — (SMNNN) Brilliant actor and man’s man, Ryan Gosling, announced today that the filming of “The Notebook” wasn’t all sunshine and pink unicorns. In fact, Gosling admitted to VH1 rival, The Soundtrack Channel, that he wanted co-star Rachel McAdams “kicked off of set for her uncontrollable masturbation episodes”.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but Praise Lonnie, it’s my duty. Rachel McAdams masturbated furiously on set from day one. Myself and (director) Nick Cassavetes tried everything we could […]

TheRev’s Daddy tip of the day

May 22, 2014 2

Real Dad’s sneak into his daughters room while she is sleeping to sniff her fingers to see if she is spelunking in Satan’s SinCave. It is your job to keep her from safe from self rape and the awful side effects such as the horrible stigma, the pot weed addiction, the herpes,  the AIDS, and the palsy that comes from it. When doing your evening, midnight, and early morning finger sniff test, Remember this rule of thumb:

“If they […]

Female Masturbation Hurts Him Too

May 16, 2014 9

Men: The invisible victims of female masturbation

By; TheRev Leroy Jenkins

The twenty-first century has spawned a sort of equal opportunity for female masturbation.

It is no longer a predominantly Non-Normal race male issue. In a 2014 poll, taken by the Wellesley College Professor of Women’s Studies, Dr. Raejean Hardon, PHD, statistics showed that women are twice as likely to masturbate during the first five years of marriage.

That rate of masturbation increased ten fold if the husband does not take a […]


May 8, 2014 6

Teach her about the dangers of masturbation. Do it today. It’s the greatest gift a father can

Is Masturbation Rape?

May 5, 2014 14

In civilized society of old, masturbators were ridiculed and looked down upon. People saw masturbation as a pox and something that caused blindness, fishy smelling fingers, and hairy palms. However, Satan has been hard at work in changing the mind of man.

Recently, masturbation has been labeled “okay”, “cool” and “acceptable” by the hipster liberal agenda. They hope to use masturbation to desensitize people to the point they believe the unholy left wing creed. Even the Illegal United Nations is now […]

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