STOP Masturbation NOW Supports TRADITIONAL Marriage

August 7, 2014 11

At first glance, this looks like a happy couple, sharing in the afterglow of wedded bliss.  But…look closer.  Notice anything…disturbing?  Notice anything…unnatural?  Notice anything…that God would disapprove of?  The reason why this photo of this unholy matrimony makes your skin crawl is because both of these people are MASTURBATORS.  These masturbators and anyone associated with this sham marriage are spitting in the face of God and the gift of traditional marriage that He has bestowed upon mankind.

As we all know, […]

BREAKING NEWS: BLUFF Discovers Cure for Ebola Virus

August 2, 2014 9

By TheRev Leroy Jenkins

SAFFORD, AZ (BLUFF Press, LLC) BLUFF Sexologist and lead HomoGay™ Conversion Therapist Nikita Shalavin has stumbled upon a cure for the Bad Ebola Zaire Virus using FiathFact™ proven methods that also cure HomoGayness™, The Bad AIDS, and Mental Retards.  Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is the human disease caused by the Ebola virus and causes those afflicted with it to die from organ failure and bleeding to death from all bodily orifices.  The Ebola virus was discovered in […]

Brother Lonnie’s Ethnic Community Outreach

August 1, 2014 11

There’s been a lot of hateful and just plain wrong comments directed at this holy netsite and Brother Lonnie in particular regarding baseless claims of racism. I am shocked, hurt, outraged, appalled and shocked by these unfounded and libelous claims. Brother Lonnie’s favorite secular show was “Good Times” so he’s well aware of the plight of our non-normal brothers and sisters and loves all God’s children no matter their skin color be it black, brown, yellow or normal. Below is […]

Brother Lonnie’s Skin Bleaching Program Proving a Huge Success

July 31, 2014 4

Rejoice brothers and sisters! A moment of righteous vindication is upon us. After weeks of false accusations and liberal media criticism, Brother Lonnie’s Bleach Away The Sin therapy for children of dangerous minorities is exceeding all expectations!

Hours after an incentive program was introduced guaranteeing certain benefits for the parents of enrolled children, the phones were ringing non-stop! All available time slots for the next 7 weeks are now booked up!

The benefits varied depending on the applicants ethnicity. Mexican families were offered colorful second-hand clothing, lucrative […]

The Faces of Masturbation

July 31, 2014 4

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Before Masturbation

After Masturbation

Friends don’t let Friends Masturbate.


Do you or someone you love masturbate? 

Help is Here

God Bless,

TheRev Leroy

New Research Demonstrates Obama Masturbates More Than Any Other President

July 28, 2014 27

Safford, AZ-

 In groundbreaking research released today, it was proven that President Barack Obama masturbates more than any other President. The independent research think tank Foundation For a Better Tomorrow detailed months of research that found that the 44th President masturbates at double the rate of the next high-masturbation President.

“We have always known Obama to be a sinful, nefarious creature, and now we have the proof that he is himself a prolific self-rapist.” Said Lonald “Lonnie” Childs, the head of Stop […]

“Jam Band”: A Rising Problem

July 28, 2014 17





“ …every song the Grateful Dead wrote was about masturbation, Satan or fornication!
Some lyrics: ” Born in the jungle, raised in the lions,den. Numba one occupation, stealin’ wimmens from dey mans.”- One of their songs
TRANSLATION: I am a sub-human beastophile. My job is to rape non-Normal females as I cuckold their men, whom I consider lessers.
” And if you go, no one may follow. That path is for, your steps alone…”-Some other song by them
TRANSLATION: Masturbate constantly. Masturbate […]

TheRev Leroy Jenkins live at UCLA Campus

July 25, 2014 13

I love taking the Stop Masturbation Now message to the Liberal Bastions of the HomoGay Big Masturbation Institutions of Higher Learning and the Self-Raping Liberal youths enrolled there.

TheRev bathing the masturbaters in his Golden Shower of Truth

Today was an especially good day as I beat down the HomoGay Self-Rapist Matt Walker with the good word and bathed him in the Golden Shower of Truth about the sin of Masturbation and what is truly means to be a Normal.

God […]

1st Annual Celebration of Normals: Columbus, Ohio 9/20/14

July 15, 2014 5

STOP Masturbation NOW Premier Event

Please join Stop Masturbation Now and Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin for the 1st Annual Celebration of Normals at Goodale Park in tropical Columbus, Ohio on Saturday September 20, 2014 10:00am-10:00pm

Everyone is Welcome*

Have your Children sign the Stop MAsturbation Now Pledge and get their picture taken with Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin

Music by The Swinging Bavarian’s

Free Holy Water

Beer Tent (NO BYOB, Pot-Weed Needles, or ellis dee Bongs)

Prayer AT Circle to pray AT the filthy hippie pro-masturbation “Folk […]

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