[Opinion]: Anti-Masturbation Is the Only Logical Stance for Feminists to Take on the Issue of Self-Rape

July 5, 2014 21

It is not often that the shrill caterwauling of the socially destructive feminist movement could ever be considered to hold something in common with socially responsible Christian conservatism, yet on the subject of self-rape we really should be natural bedfellows [figuratively speaking, of course]. You see, the group that masturbation really harms the most are women, even if they are not emotionally mature enough to acknowledge this truth of the matter. The act of self-rape tends to inure its victim-perpetrators […]


July 3, 2014 82

The goal of masturbation is to achieve climax alone by stimulating ones genitals combined one of the following rape methods.

1.) Fantasizing about another person or person(s). In doing this you are raping that person. You have no right to be thinking those thoughts. Even if you are married and your spouse has given you permission in the past does not mean you still have permission. Just like one time consent does not mean permanent consent in a physical relation.

2.) Looking […]

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