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Harlot responsible for 2014's "The Fappening"

Jennifer Lawrence and “The Fappening”: Harlot Alert!

Seeking cheap internet fame, Hollywood harlot Jennifer Lawrence released several naked and nude photographs of herself and other celebrities in order to get online losers to masturbate themselves into a tizzy.  Friends, I urge you all to see these pictures for yourself in order to fully comprehend the dangers and […]

by September 1, 2014 25 comments Celebrity

You Can Fool Yourself But You Cannot Fool God: Masturbation is Self-Rape

Many of the masturhaters who troll this holy netsite have convinced themselves that masturbation is “hip” and “cool”.  Tell me, is burning in Hell for eternity “hip” and “cool”?  The faithfact is that masturbation is a form of self-rape.  Not so “cool” now, is it?  STOP Masturbation NOW and become […]

by August 31, 2014 11 comments Faith Fact Series
Police are baffled as to the cause of the demise of the Lonnie Childs Private Library

BLUFF Librarian Publishes Book, Library Burns To The Ground

Stafford, AZ – The Lonnie Childs Private Library, operated and managed by Alicia Stephenhopper, has burned to the ground under suspicious circumstances. The state of the art facility, offering the latest dial-up internet access and dozens of books and publications to the members of the BLUFF compound, will be closed […]

by August 30, 2014 11 comments Disciples
Say “NO” To Pornographics!

Say “NO” To Pornographics!

A recent survey shows 85 percent of rapes and molestations are reenactments of a porn video/DVD. This means every time someone downloads an internet pornographic, there is an 85 percent chance that it will eventually result in a rape or molestation of a child.  If you, or someone you know, […]

by August 25, 2014 12 comments Celebrity, Morals, Pornographics
Masturbation Triggered Japasian Landslides

Masturbation Triggered Japasian Landslides

HIROSHIMA, Japasia – The devastating landslides that rocked Japasia and caused numerous deaths and billions of yen worth of property damage were determined to have been triggered by massive and furious masturbation, according to scientists working for the Foundation For a Better Tomorrow. Although the communist government does not officially […]

by August 25, 2014 26 comments World
Normal Kids, keeping their hands above their necks

For God’s Sake, Think of the Children!

Often times, a reluctant masturbator does not want to masturbate, but the addiction of masturbation is too strong. For those of you who do not want to masturbate, but cannot help it, Think of the Children! Masturbation is dirty, sleazy and immoral. That is why masturbators do it in secret […]

by August 19, 2014 12 comments Family Values, Morals
Robin Williams handing a Kleenex to a Bonobo Monkey named in his honor


Robin Williams has committed suicide.The Oscar-winning actor/comedian killed himself in Tiburon, in Northern California.   His people tell us he’s been recently battling severe depression.  According to the Marin County Sheriff Christopher Huckeby… authorities found Williams’ body inside his home.  They say he was found unresponsive.He was unconscious and not breathing […]

by August 11, 2014 31 comments Celebrity, Death
Michael Hutchinson, Lead Singer of British Band INXS, Suffers Humiliating Masturbation Death

Michael Hutchinson, Lead Singer of British Band INXS, Suffers Humiliating Masturbation Death

Hear that sound?  That’s the sound of Satan accepting a new victim into his realm.  Michael Hutchinson, lead singer of British death metal band INXS, died recently due to masturbation-related complications.  From an outsider’s perspective Michael seemed to have a fulfilling yet wild life.  He had money, fame and respect.  […]

The Morning After…For the Masturbation Addict

The Morning After…For the Masturbation Addict

“What happened last night?  Did I get selfraped? Who do I turn to?” Turn to Christ, young masturbator!  Take the STOP Masturbation NOW pledge of self-celibacy today!  Praise!

by August 9, 2014 18 comments Lifestyle
World Least Funny Atheist, Also World’s Most Prolific Masturbator

World Least Funny Atheist, Also World’s Most Prolific Masturbator

  THE ISLAND OF UNITED KINGDOMS- (SMNN) The world’s least funny man, noted filthy atheist Ricky Gervais admitted today, that he is also the world’s most prolific masturbator. Gervais admits to masturbating in excess of 300 times daily. Ricky Gervais, horrible non-humourous atheist, has long been known to be pure […]

by July 30, 2014 2 comments Celebrity, History, Morals, Spot a Masturbator
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