Oregon Man Sentenced to 4 ½ Years in State Penitentiary for Masturbation

Another masturbator off the streets!

Michael Thomas Dorgan gets prison time after his 10th conviction for masturbating in public.

By Nigel J. Covington III

Reporting for SMN News Service

Michael Thomas Dorgan gets prison time after his 10th conviction for masturbating in public.

(PORTLAND)  Michael Thomas Dorgan, 55, of Portland, OR was found guilty Tuesday for the 10th time on a public indecency charge for masturbating in public, prosecutors said.  According to FOX News 12, Dorgan was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison, plus five months of post-prison supervision and he must register as a foul sex offender.

In exchange for a lesser sentence, Dorgan pleaded no contest to exposing himself to three women near Portland University on July 8th where witnesses claim they noticed Dorgan staring at them before he unzipped his pants and whipped out his limp, dried up, old withered phallus which he then tugged and pulled on vigorously in a failed attempt to get it aroused.


“I laughed at his feeble effort to get it up,” said 19 year-old Jennifer Di Angelo one of the three PSU student-victims who witnessed the pathetic scene. Her two friends Salina Gomez, 20 years-old, and Cheryl Richards, 18 years-old, laughed uncontrollably as they walked towards the sick, twisted masturbator and mocked and humiliated him in front of others who were nearby.

“What’s the problem dead dick no boys around to get you hard?” said Salina. Cheryl shouted “Maybe if you had a man’s dick it would work,” adding, “Even if you could get it up that small, infantile poor excuse of a dick of yours could never satisfy any real woman.”

Though Dorgan desperately beat his limp, tired and aging meat it was no use.  He stood there for a moment looking down at his small, inert and flaccid penis and began crying as he fled the scene.

A short time later police found Dorgan sitting on a bus bench not far from the PSU campus balling like an infant. He was arrested without incident.

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