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Teens Girls Using Steroids As Masturbation Enhancer

With it being “back to school” season, a terrifying new trend is making parents take notice. It has been a growing problem for high school athletes to use “performance enhancing drugs” to get an edge at various sports, however, now non-athletic masturbators are finding value in anabolic steroids. Young deviants, especially females, have discovered that continued use of specific anabolic steroids increases their overall masturbation stamina and creates a better “masturbation high” at climax. While the most common masturbation injuries such as, torn tendons, pulled muscles and broken thumbs are now avoidable thanks to the steroids; the drugs actually open up a Pandora’s box of problems for the mastrubation misfit.


Steroids. More common than you think. (source – Taylor Hooton Foundation)

In addition to the usual masturbation caused diseases, the steroid aided self-rapists are now opening up the possibility of all of the health complications that come from steroid abuse. In some instances the side effects of both steroid usage and masturbation overlap and form a deadly combination. The Taylor Hooton Foundation lists some of the most common signs of steroid abuse on their website and those familiar with the common signs of masturbation addiction will notice many similar signs. Specifically, physical signs such as, unusually greasy hair or oily skin, joint pain; greater chance of injuring muscles and tendons, fluid level changes and increased muscle size all overlap as being caused by both steroid abuse and masturbation addiction. Also, as evidenced by many of the comments on this netsite, the emotional signifiers of masturbation addiction, including increased aggression or irritability, becoming disrespectful or abusive and poor decision-making are commonly found in steroid abusers as well.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation also warns that teen females are the fastest group of new steroid abusers, a fact that dovetails perfectly with the Foundation For A Better Tomorrow’s faith fact findings that the largest increasing vector of masturbators are teenage females.

Teen Girls

Fact + Faith Fact = Faith Fact² (source – Taylor Hooton Foundation)

Both the Taylor Hooton Foundation and the Foundation For A Better Tomorrow urge parents to get involved in their child’s life and help prevent them from becoming another statistic. If caught early, the side effects of steroid abuse can be lessened. There is typically no cure for  most masturbation related ailments and anyone fearing their teen has been masturbating should surrender their teen for study and re-education at the nearest Foundation For A Better Tomorrow research facility. Health officials are hoping that if the word gets out, this can hopefully be the first school year without any steroid or masturbation related fatalities.

rage kid

It’s probably too late for this guy. I can already imagine  the disparaging comments he will leave on this netsite when he is old enough to use the Worldwide web.


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Liam McKey
6 years ago

I believe these steroids are also making girls sexually attracted to other girls. It’s giving them The Gay!

6 years ago

Is this worse than injecting EllisDee? I can’t keep up with all this sinful behaviour.

3 years ago