Karate for Perverts


Masturbation is a same-sex sex-act that one performs on themselves. By doing so, you touch the sex organ of your own gender and become so aroused that you climax. This conditions the body and mind to become a gay. It’s like Karate for perverts.

Once gay, you will be spending most of your free time having rough unprotected anal sex with complete strangers. It’s only a matter of time before you catch prostate cancer in some dirty bathroom stall.

Hello friends. My name is Nikita Shallavin and I’m a Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapist at Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts – BLUFF. If you or your loved one are suffering from unwanted same-sex attractions or masturbation, help is just a phone call away.

Please ask our experts on how we can help using a combination of proven methods including behavior modification, psychoanalysis, religious prayer, castration, hypnosis, aversion therapy, mild torture, nausea-producing drugs, electroshock, and brain surgery.

Witness the miracle of Homogay Conversion!

This message of hope is brought to you by the Homogay Conversion Offices or Dr. Nikita Shalavin

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I used to live a lie. I was a leader of a Russian Prison Homogang and have once put a 12 gauge shotgun inside of myself on a dare. Brother Lonnie has saved my soul and shown me a new way to live.

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  1. Brother Nikita, saved my life. I cannot recommend his unorthodox procedures enough!

    Praise, double Praise and triple Praise!

  2. In the before and after pics, he went from a harmless gay to a shirtless baby-rapist. Why would I want this guy?! Ill go in straight, and come out a baby-raping pervert.

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