Lonnie Sends Storm to Liberal New England States to Prove Global Warming a Myth

(StopMasturbationNow)—Our Leader Lonnie in his infinite wisdom and glory has prayed for a winter storm like no other to bury liberal northeastern states. This will once and for all prove that global warming is a liberal hoax.

168704Already called the storm of the century, a Blizzard is currently working its way to the new York City area. Over 6100 airline flights have been canceled as well as sport events.

“It is no joke to have people stranded on a highway. We’ve gone through that before,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters. “It is frightening how quickly a simple trip to the supermarket can wind up being very dangerous.” Public transportation will shut down and only emergency vehicles will be allowed on the roads in 13 counties — and on the streets of New York City — as of 11 p.m., he said.

The governors of Connecticut and Massachusetts also put travel bans in place. “I want everyone to understand that we are facing — most likely — one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said.


For more information about the global warming hoax see: http://www.globalclimatescam.com/

8 Comments on Lonnie Sends Storm to Liberal New England States to Prove Global Warming a Myth

  1. I got snow up my nose. And I don’t even live near there. I think the prayer boomeranged for all the nosegays. Better than a cold shower, though.

  2. Yet more lies from Lonnie. Climate change is very real, & there is no record of this storm having taken place. Has Lonnie EVER told the truth? I very much doubt it. So much for “thou shalt not bare false witness”

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