Masturbation Rates Up In Areas Hit By Blizzard: What Can You Do To Stay Safe

(StopMasturbationNOW)— The great Blizzard of 2016 is rolling up the east coast and with it people are staying home to avoid the snow and bad roads. Unfortunately a consequence of this is people have much more free time and isolation which is a recipe for masturbation disaster.

untitled4In Baltimore alone masturbation rates are up almost 335%, in Philadelphia 280%, Long Island over 200%.

“The combination of the blizzard conditions combined with a weekend where people don’t have to work makes for a double threat” Says Lonnie Childs Founder and Leader of Stop Masturbation Now.

More than 60 million people were under blizzard, winter storm or freezing rain warnings as the storm’s effects stretched from Georgia to Massachusetts, according to Some 250,000 customers were without power as the storm roared up the East Coast, according to the Weather Channel.

New York City and Long Island banned travel Saturday, including all transit from New Jersey bridges and tunnels into and out of the city as a deadly snowstorm left major cities, roadways and airports along the East Coast largely immobilized.

9 ways to reduce your masturbation risk during the blizzard
untitled3Don’t be alone
Go outside
Do some winter related activities
Use masturbation prevention Devices
Stay busy
Avoid tempting materials
Go to Church


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