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Example of someone dressed as Santa Claus in Black-Face

Nativity in Blackface

The holiday season is upon us once again. Like always, secularists and masturbators are trying to distract everyone from the true meaning of Christmas. Unfortunately, this very holy and wonderful holiday is being tarnished by racism once again. Although the true meaning of Christmas is becoming more of a rumor […]

by December 22, 2015 6 comments Christmas
Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen has been struck down by God.  Praise!

Hollywood Bad Boy Charlie Sheen Reveals That He Has the HIV-AIDS!

Hollyweird, CA – Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen, star of the homosexual situation-comedy program Two and 1/2 Half Man, announced that he has been punished by God for masturbating and has been cursed with the HIV-AIDS.  Those who have been monitoring Sheen’s masturbatory practices are not surprised by the news. “Chuck was the first major success story for the SMN ministries self-celibacy/Normalcy program […]

by December 21, 2015 4 comments Celebrity
Photo courtesy of ESPN.  All Rights Reserved

ESPN Actively Encouraging Men to Commit Sex Acts Upon Each Other

In today’s masturbation-fueled world, it should come to no surprise that Disney’s own ESPN has a segment on their NFL Sunday Pre-Game show called (of all things) “C’Mon Man!!!” As you know, cumming on a man is something only another man can do, as women are not physically capable of […]

by November 13, 2015 7 comments Moral Outrage
Don’t Celebrate “Veterans Day”, Instead Celebrate “AMERICAN Veterans Day!”

Don’t Celebrate “Veterans Day”, Instead Celebrate “AMERICAN Veterans Day!”

  It’s that time of year again, when we thank those who have sacrificed so much so that the rest of us can dominate the world.  Unfortunately, many so-called “Americans” tend to celebrate the military veterans of their country of origin instead of the greatest military superpower of the world, […]

by November 10, 2015 8 comments American Veterans Day
view from outside, of the World of Life Church

Church Leaders and Parents are Under Arrest for Spanking “The Gay” out Of Their Children

As reported earlier today by the Associated Press, the parents of Lucas and Christopher Leonard, along with other members of the Word of Life Church, were arrested for Spanking The Gay out of these young men. The apparent beating took place during an intervention at the church itself.  According to […]

by October 15, 2015 5 comments Crime
Annual 4 Corners Mass-Wedding Ceremony Set for September

Annual 4 Corners Mass-Wedding Ceremony Set for September

  Have you ever dreamed of participating in a mass-wedding ceremony performed by your favorite alternative religious leader?  What about joining, in holy matrimony, with four of your same-race assigned spouses at the same time?  If so, you will be glad to know that SMN Ministries has the Annual “4-Points […]

“666” Sign of the Beast or Code Talk for Homogay Threesomes?

“666” Sign of the Beast or Code Talk for Homogay Threesomes?

  We all know that The Gay is caused by masturbation.  It is a same-sex, sex-act, where one engages in giving hand jobs to their own genitals and therefore, their own gender.  Knowing this, we should all be mindful of the language that the Gays use. Every version of the […]

by August 20, 2015 16 comments Homosexuals
Are You A Closet-Homosexual???

Are You A Closet-Homosexual???

  Have you ever heard the term “Closet Homosexual?” Do you know what it means? Back in a more civilized time, Americans did not openly discuss things, such as: masturbation, mixed-race children, women’s rights, genetically modified food, The Gay, or the Democratic Party. In those days, rather than openly discussing […]

by August 7, 2015 18 comments Etiquette
Have You Been Touched By The Hand of God?

Have You Been Touched By The Hand of God?

  We here at Stop Masturbation Now Ministries often hear the dribble from masturbators that “Too much build-up of sperm in your system is un-healthy.” While that is partially true, it is not entirely true. Have you ever wondered why nobody dies from too much build-up? After all, people die […]

by July 15, 2015 16 comments Science
Photo courtesy of Flavorwire

A Woman Has Come Forward Claiming Self-Rape at the Hands of Bill Cosby

Beloved comedian, actor, producer, philanthropist and all-around good guy; Bill Cosby, has been accused by a former actress of forcible Self-Rape. Tamika Jones claims that during the 1980s, she compulsively tuned-in to PBS’s broadcast of “Picture Page” and would masturbate while America’s Male-Sweetheart would draw pictures and tell stories. Miss […]

by July 7, 2015 8 comments Celebrity
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