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83 Signs Your Underage Daughter is a Harlot

[Special thanks to Larry Thomas for his contribution to this sacred undertaking]

Ever wondered if your daughter was a harlot? There are obvious signs, like if she watches some of the hot videos on watchmygirlfriend regularly. But now you can know for sure! According to recently updated BDSM-5 (Biblical Diagnostics of Sinogenic Maladies) guidelines, if a pubescent female between the ages of 12 – 17 meets at least six of the following criteria, a diagnosis of raging harlotry is likely. While I always recommend evaluation by a professional (preferably me), a parent (preferably male) who is sufficiently intrusive and insensitive will typically spot the signs if they know what to look for.

In no particular (wh)order:

1. She has harlot friends.
2. She has a harlot mother.
3. She has a bad relationship with her father.
4. She owns Hello Kitty merchandise even though she’s not a Chineser.
5. She owns a cell phone.
6. She drives.
7. She goes to sleepovers at her friends’ houses.
8. She has henna tattoos.
9. She had breasts at age 11.
10. She cuts out pictures of teen heartthrobs and puts them on her notebook.
11. She was sent away to an all-girl school.


12. Her family isn’t Christian.
13. Her fingers emit a characteristic fishy odor.
14. She frequently washes her hands other than before meals.
15. She has a clit piercing.
16. She’s a single mom.
17. She hangs out with male minorities.
18. She shaves her pubic hair.
19. She doesn’t shave her pubic hair.
20. She’s had sexual relations with sixteen guys before her Super Sweet 16.
21. She attends school dances besides the prom.
22. She refuses to attend the father-daughter purity ball.
23. She has a Tumblr account.
24. She has an Instagram account.


25. She’s on an online dating site (especially that den of whores, OkCupid) and lies about her age.
26. She drinks coffee.
27. She constantly sips on diet sodas knowing full well they don’t taste good because she needs the feeling of having something cylindrical or tube-shaped in her mouth at all times.
28. She reads books written by female authors who aren’t Joyce Meyer or Joni Eareckson Tada.
29. She’s mentioned vampires before in casual conversation.
30. She’s applied to out-of-state colleges.
31. She has a harlot sister.
32. She’s hooked up with her brother.
33. She’s questioned parental authority more than three times in the past year.
34. She keeps a diary and she’s not hiding from Nazis.

Not a whore. But a Jew all the same

35. She prefers Pandora over Spotify because she likes to just “let it happen”.
36. She has a YouTube channel.
37. She stuffs or has stuffed to make her non-existent breasts look existent.
38. She asks you questions about sex even though you already had the talk with her once years ago.
39. She goes to youth group on weeknights but not Sunday morning.
40. She wears skirts or shorts that show kneecap.
41. She has a tan.
42. She’s lied to you before.
43. She refuses to sign the STOP Masturbation NOW pledge.
44. She “lost” her purity ring.
45. Her hymen is busted and she’s never gone horseback riding.
46. She really likes horseback riding.


The slope is slippery which leads to barnyardbitches.com, and many are those who find it.

47. She’s traveled outside of the county without parental supervision.
48. She looks forward to Halloween.
49. She’s taken two or more consecutive selfies without changing her outfit or location or in any way differentiating between the photos.
50. She’s listened to the hour long version of Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do” on YouTube.
51. She’s filmed homemade pornographics.
52. Her notch count is higher than her SAT score.
53. She’s had an abortion without getting your permission.
54. She’s expressed support for a Democratic presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, or mayoral candidate.
55. She’s participated in unpaid political activism of any kind.
56. She’s generous to strangers.
57. She thinks black lives matter.


This fine officer of the law’s facial expression says it all. Thank you, sir, for continuing to do your public duty in the presence of such unfeminine disrespect! Also notice the whore mother-whore daughter connection. While only two of the necessary six or more conditions are displayed in this picture, the outcome is nearly certain.

58. She’s comfortable sleeping on a variety of surfaces.
59. She’s used sarcasm before as a defense mechanism.
60. She’s attractive enough to get a guy to sleep with her without having to first stop to purchase a brown paper bag, but not attractive enough to make him wait any longer than that.
61. She tries to cover her acne with white, cakey make-up. Like, eww.
62. She considers Katniss Everdeen to be a role model.
63. She expressed disapproval of men who looked at leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence circa The Fappening.
64. She “doesn’t know what she believes” about God.


“Oh, please! Please don’t look at nude photos of me, everyone! Anything but THAT!” It should also be pointed out that the snake is not there by accident. J-Law is a confirmed Herptilian. And if that weren’t enough, she recently admitted on national television to masturbating to an old Jewish man while he was impersonating another old Jewish man. This is triple hell-worthy stuff. Keep your lesser-gendered offspring far, far away from her poisonous influence.

65. She’s used profanity in the past when angry.
66. She cries easily.
67. Her hygiene is occasionally substandard.
68. She eats fast food more than three times per week.
69. She’s never heard of Lonnie Childs.
70. She hasn’t been pledged to her future SRAS yet.
71. She regularly complains of heartburn.
72. She’s visited the gynecologist more than twice in the past year.
73. She carries a 12-pack of Trojan condoms and a can of pineapple juice in her backpack.


If her nickname at school is “The Pineapple Express”, case closed.

74. You’ve become a grandparent for the third time in the last five years.
75. Her favorite color is red.
76. She blinks when she hears the number ’69’.
77. She has a friend with a tongue ring.
78. She likes pudding.
79. She has artistic talent.
80. Her stuffed animals appear smashed in and damp on one side.
81. She can sympathize with Taylor Swift lyrics.
82. She refers to herself using any of the following terms: “whore”, “slut”, “skank”, “ho”, “hood rat”, “club rat”, “ratchet ass hoochie ho”, “kardashian”.
83. She has exchanged sexual favors for money.


Speaking of confirmed Herptilians…

This touches just the tip, of course, but our holy netsite only has so much bandwith. You can bet there will be further installments in the future, as sure as a shadowy cabal of shape-shifting humanoid reptiles from another dimension manipulate the inner workings of the otherwise godly U.S. government. A parent can never be too confident that their underage daughter is not an unprincipled harlot. As that one weird looking guy who lost an eye to masturbation from the Satanic witch cult Harry Potter snuff movies was fond of saying, “Constant vigilance!”


Yes, constant vigilance indeed. Don’t trust her with your keys, don’t trust her with her vagina, don’t trust her with her eternal soul. The stakes are far too high. And people might think less of you if they find out you raised a slut.

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Fapmaster B
Fapmaster B
8 years ago


8 years ago

Are you a bump? That’s so idiot! Over the ridiculous, it’s unbelievable that exists some persons like you! OMFG!

Nonya damn business
Nonya damn business
8 years ago

So, I’m a harlet if I shave my pubic hair and don’t shave my pubic hair???????

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt
8 years ago

this is retarded

David Oakes
8 years ago

This has got to be satirical… right? I mean no one is actually stupid enough to buy into this. Two of the guys certifications are “bluff” and “scam” haha funny joke you all. Funny, funny joke.

8 years ago

Is this for real?

8 years ago

At first I thought this was real, but then I mentioned that nobody can be that dumb.

Brother Lucius
Brother Lucius
8 years ago

Amen to that

7 years ago

Is this a fucking joke? I actually hope it is. Stupid white albino fucks like you are fucking retarded. Their is no fucking issue with this topic. Stupid Christian fucks that haven’t had their fucking balls drop say “Dear Jesus Christ, this is unholy, let’s have hate speech against people who support black live matter, and say this stupid shit as well.” You all need bill Nye the science guy.

I am an artist, not a whore
I am an artist, not a whore
7 years ago

This is so wrong and sick. So pretty much all artists are whores now? I’m a cutesy art type (no nsfw ever and adorable art that even 5 year olds can enjoy) of artist and a SEX REPULSED asexual but I’m a whore now? And “has an IG account”? So I’m a popular Instagram artist known for my cute, completely sfw art but now I’m a whore?

PS: to i_am_atheist, do not insult albinos please c:

Dumb christians
Dumb christians
7 years ago

This is zo fucking retarded. I deel sorry for your kids. Instead of asking “am i adopted” they’ll say “please tell me i’m adopted” dont tell me anyone believes your bullcrap.

Tired of this shit
Tired of this shit
6 years ago

But um… 18 and 19 literally contradict each other.