Chevy Chase Arrested for Aggravated Felching

BEDFORD NY-Veteran actor/comedian Chevy Chase, 71, has been arrested and charged with aggravated felching by Bedford Police after allegedly getting down on his knees and forcing an oral purge of his juices from an unidentified fornication partner.

According to a statement released by the Westchester County sheriff’s office, Chase, whose real name is Cornelius Crane Chase, confronted his partner after sexual relations and demanded to felch against his partner’s wishes. The incident occurred on a poolside lounge chair just outside Chase’s multi-million dollar estate located in Bedford, NY, 50 miles North of New York City.

Felching is the act of crouching down after sexual release into a partner’s orifice and orally removing the discharged seed or juices. Chase is charged with forcing open the legs of his unidentified partner, kneeling down, and planting his lips on the still unidentified cavity before puckering up and using mouth suction to extract the freshly deposited load.

The actor is best known for his short stint on Saturday Night Live as one of the original cast members. He later starred in Hollywood blockbusters, Foul Play, Fletch, and the National Lampoon Vacation Series, among other movies. His box office numbers had been falling in recent decades causing much friction in the actor’s life.

Apparently, the stress has boiled over with these new allegations against Chase.

The actor is also accused of then ordering his partner to roll over for another round of planting a smacking lip-lock upon his partner’s exposed aperture as it pointed toward the sun, according to the police report. He then gargled the slimy reward in his mouth before allegedly spitting it into the pool.

It is not known the extent of harm Chase has done. Field operations dispatched counselors to the scene to conduct evaluations on the attack victim.

After being booked in the Bedford jail, Chase was released on a signature bond. He will be arraigned next week.

This is another in a long line of confrontations that Chase has had with police, family members, and other actors throughout the actor’s tumultuous career.

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Shane Paulson

Apalling….To spit it out into the pool like that? What a waste.

Kaine Carlson
Kaine Carlson

Im gonna have sex and masturbate.

week amonimous

But I rely don’t like to pray………………………….:(


I can’t wait to stick my finger up my pussy and masturbate until I cum ;~) then I’ll lick a girl’s pussy even though I’m a girl!!


can I watch?