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Prostate Cancer And Other Masturbation Related Diseases

Prostate Cancer And Other Masturbation Related Diseases

MASTURBATION IS A TOP TEN CAUSES OF DISEASE Aches, Heart Disease, Paralysis and Suicide: When sexual organs are handled it causes a rush of blood to these parts, and causes oxygen depletion in other organs of the body, because they are left with a less amount of blood than they […]

Suicidal Masturbator Disrupts Travel At Chicago Airports

Suicidal Masturbator Disrupts Travel At Chicago Airports

Travelers trying to use Chicago’s two major airports, Midway and O’Hare, on Friday were met with extreme delays and cancelled flights after a fire at the air traffic control center in Aurora, Illinois. Due to the fire, not only were flights into Chicago either cancelled or delayed, but it created […]

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Robin Williams handing a Kleenex to a Bonobo Monkey named in his honor


Robin Williams has committed suicide.The Oscar-winning actor/comedian killed himself in Tiburon, in Northern California.   His people tell us he’s been recently battling severe depression.  According to the Marin County Sheriff Christopher Huckeby… authorities found Williams’ body inside his home.  They say he was found unresponsive.He was unconscious and not breathing […]

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Matthew Burdette before his suicide by masturbation

California Teen Masturbates Himself To Death, Parents Blame “Common Core”

By: TheRev Leroy Jenkins A teenage boy from Southern California has committed masturbation suicide after a clip of him masturbating in a bathroom stall went viral, leading him to being “mercilessly prayed AT” at school by Normals, BLUFF News reports. Now, the parents of 14-year-old Matthew Burdette are suing their son’s school district […]

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