The Real Goal of Masturbation

The goal of masturbation is to achieve climax alone by stimulating one’s genitals in a combination of one of the following self-rape methods:

1.) Fantasizing about another person or person(s) – In doing this you are mentally raping that person.  You have no right to be thinking those thoughts.  Even if you are married and your spouse has given you permission in the past does not mean that you still have permission, just as how one-time consent does not mean permanent consent in a physical relation.

2.) Looking at dirty Magazines – You are mentally raping the person that you are looking at.  Liberals might argue that person gave consent when doing the picture shoot, but you do not know that for sure.  The person may even be married now or have grown ugly.

3.) Watching dirty Movies – As with number one or two, you might as well be Ted Bundy, illegally having your way with the peoples you are exploiting for your own sickening gratification.

4.) The World Wideweb – The Internets are full of filth.  Computers should be for taxes, online Bible studies, or logging on to the STOP Masturbation NOW netsite.

5.) Past Experiences – Sure, that “three way” you had with the cheerleader and her sorority sister in college might have been a “good time”, however, recalling the sinful pleasure they presented you all night is the same as repeating that sin all over again.

Bonus Faithfact – Some females and gay males use foreign objects and dinguses when masturbating.  In doing so they are raping the raw materials of this world.

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