Parents: Think of Your Children Before you Masturbate

(StopMasturbationNOW)—Masturbation is the number one problem in the home. Parents that masturbate tend to have children that masturbate. Continuing the terrible cycle of self-rape, failed promises, missing family values, and disease.

sad-child-portraitFathers, before you didle your sin stick, think about your children, think about your daughter. Would you want your daughter with her hands in her pants ringing her devils doorbell? Or what about your son? Would you want him sticking things in his anus to find out what the dads on modern family think is so neat?

Mothers, what if you were lying on the couch with your panties pulled down your thighs and your hand half way up your sin cave and the other hand fondling your milk sacks and your daughter and her friends came over? Sure we would like to think they would get disgusted and run away. But what if they followed your example and immediately stripped and started doing the same things to themselves and each other? Masturbation is the number one cause of homosexuality and is in itself an entirely homosexual act.


One thing is for sure, parents, it is your responsibility to think of your children before you masturbate. Also talk to your kids about the dangers of masturbation and let them know it is wrong.



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  1. Masturbating prolongs life, stengthens certain muscles depending on theit genitals, reduces stress, prevents defects in offspring, and increases iq. Masturbating is anything but deadly. And the bible doesn’t even say anything about masturbating.

    • I feel the urge of spread all my unborn children across the admin’s face. And they’re millions.

  2. So as a lot of over the top christians quote and misquote the bible and take it out of context with monotonous regularity, here’s a good example of what one of them is saying on the subject of masturbating.

    “Fathers, before you didle your sin stick, think about your children, think about your daughter.”

    I hope you receive the help you need to recover from your incestuous sinful thoughts.

  3. please do not think about your kids before masturbating, that’s kinda weird. I know there’s a lot of incest in the bible, but like most things in that storybook, it’s really not okay.

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