Is Blades and Fades a Safe Place to get a Haircut?

01616_gVN3bxvwbYW_600x450(StopMasturbationNow)—A good clean haircut is a staple of male family values. However People working on building our North Idaho Compound and Traveling through the State of Washington were warned by local faithful to avoid a certain barber shop.


The place in question is Blades and Fades. A local haircutting establishment that recently gained famed on a website called Craig’s Lists. The issue was a comment on the Craig’s Lists about some silly sign, the owners apparently and stupidly called out individuals and accused the posters of lying about their identity. We don’t know anything about who is who or need to comment on any of the silly accusatory posts that followed, we just know that any comment was too much and therefore we have labeled the establishment as not recommended to our followers.

In other news….


Dozens killed in restaurant explosion in India


At least 89 people have been killed and 100 injured after a gas explosion tore through a packed restaurant in central India.

Dozens of office workers and schoolchildren were having breakfast in the popular restaurant in the town of Petlawad, in Madhya Pradesh state, when a gas cylinder exploded.

In India Before and After Pics are often Hard to Distinguish

In India Before and After Pics are often Hard to Distinguish

The explosion triggered a second blast of mine detonators stored illegally nearby, according to police sources, at around 8.30am local time (4am GMT).

Lonnie Childs issued a statement wishing the injured a speedy recovery, he also pointed out that India should have considered the consequences more thoroughly before seeking independence from the British, and that they obviously need western guidance in all matters.

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